Your opinion on the nitrous oxide sedation department

Nitrous oxide sedation is becoming increasingly popular in German dental practices, especially in the field of paediatric dentistry. It is therefore also very important for us importance that we find out how satisfied our customers are with our work customers are satisfied with our work and our products. In this customer survey several customers took part in this customer survey on nitrous oxide sedation, which gave us were able to gain a detailed insight.

The opinion poll on our department of laughing gas sedation comprised eight questions. Among other things, the survey asked about the opinion of the team, service quality, customer satisfaction compared to competitors and the overall overall impression. We received top marks in each case.

Our customers are so satisfied with the Baldus nitrous oxide sedation

First of all, the customer survey asked which reasons were decisive for why we were recommended. Here we received comments such as: "Customer-oriented, very friendly, reliable and uncomplicated service" and "Service is very important, friendliness too, competence and quality have been consistently high for years."

Above all, the customers were particularly enthusiastic about the team, because here we also received top marks again. So that we can also improve in this area, we have also created a space for individual comments. Among other things, we received feedback that our services were always reliable and of high quality.

Both the service work and the customer service were able to leave a good impression on the customers. Above all, the response time for e-mail and telephone was recognized with a very good grade. This is also essential, because in this way we can make a decisive contribution to finding a solution immediately if there are any problems.

Overall, more than 84 percent of respondents rated Baldus customer service for laughing gas sedation as satisfied to very satisfied. rated.

Customers are again impressed by our products

User-friendliness, quality, safety and design are all important design are particularly important, so that our quality products can be used easily and, above all and, above all, safe to use. Since our foundation in 1993 continuous improvement and optimisation to the state of the art has taken place. state of the art technology. Since 2016, we have been a manufacturer of our own products for dental laughing gas sedation on the market.

Especially through these four aspects of user-friendliness, quality, safety and design, our products were recommended by colleagues in the industry. As a manufacturer, it pleases us when the products and the products and service make such a good impression and are awarded top marks in the customer survey. customer survey. Over 87 percent of our customers are satisfied to very satisfied with our laughing gas sedation.

Conclusion: Top marks for our department in nitrous oxide sedation

Based on the opinion survey on our laughing gas sedation department, we were able to determine that all areas were rated positively across the board. Creating a professional and qualitative service is a matter of course for us.