Baldus® Touch

The next generation of nitrous oxide appliances, combining timeless elegance with superior technology.

Nitrous oxide device Baldus Touch

Nitrous oxide device Baldus Touch

The nitrous oxide mixer with simply more - more high technology, more features, more safety!

Timeless elegance combined with superior technology Baldus® Touch is the next generation nitrous oxide device in the field of nitrous oxide sedation.

 touch screens are indispensable in everyday life. The Baldus® Touch is the next generation of digital oxygen-nitrous oxide mixers with innovative menu functions and system settings. Unbeatable, our No. 1 of all systems!

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Nitrous Oxide Devices Award

Baldus Touch starter package laughing gas sedation


Baldus Touch: The nitrous oxide device, which was awarded the German Innovation Award Winner 2019 and Success 2019 - made in Germany

Timeless elegance combined with superior technology:

  • Touch function
  • Automatic patient documentation
  • Automatic rejection
  • Maximum total flow 18 l / min
  • O2 flush button
  • Self test
  • Laughing gas barrier

Plus delivery, set-up and instruction of the practice team €450 (within mainland Germany, outside of mainland Germany on request)


  • Digital mixer with control via HQ touchscreen
  • Max. Mixing ratio selectable between 50%, 60% or 70% N2O (standard delivery 70%)
  • CE certified
  • Mixing ratio can be precisely set via % display
  • Automatic adjustment of the output flow "One-Fingertip-Control"
  • Oxygen flush via signal red button
  • Extended premium security package with acoustic and visual information signals
  • Self-test functions and watchdogs
  • Automatic laughing gas stop in the event of O2 failure "Nitrolock"
  • Check valve on the Bag-T
  • Stop rebreathing (when the breathing bag is empty)
  • Standard-compliant coding of the gas types
  • Note: The oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer can be installed in the All-in-One-Cart 15005T, in a cavity wall or in a door of the work area
  • US Patented No. 10,065,159 B2

This is included in the package price:

  • "Baldus Touch" nitrous oxide device
  • Baldus Adult Double Nose Mask Scavenger System, including 3 x Disposable Adult Double Nose Masks Blueberry and 3 x Disposable Children's Double Nose Masks Strawberry, plus a complete tubing set with connectors.
  • Baldus vacuum control block with inline flow measurement
  • Breathing bag 3 liters, latex-free and autoclavable
  • Ultraslim cylinder pressure regulator O2 incl. Med. Fabric hose
  • Ultraslim cylinder pressure regulator N2O incl. Med. Fabric hose
  • All-in-One-Cart Ultra-Slim, fully clad trolley for Baldus Touch or Analog, dimensions: 108 x 38.5 x 29 cm, 25 kg, color: matt white
  • Marketing package: waiting room film, patient flyer, images, medical product book

Additional information

N2O limitation

70%, 60%, 50%

Total flow

Maximum total flow 18 l / min

Security package

Extended premium security package with acoustic and visual information signals


Connection for O2 demand mask
1 USB port

Input voltage

110 / 230V AC 56-60HZ


5 year guarantee when signing a maintenance contract

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