The Baldus disposable double nose masks

How Disposable Double Nasal Masks Work

When you exhale into the inner mask, a membrane opens and the exhaled air enters the outer mask. The suction in the outer mask is separate from the inner one, so the patient can inhale without further resistance. Because the outer mask has a similar depth to the inner mask, significantly more gas mixture is sucked out in the event of micro-leaks that form between the patient's skin and the inner mask.
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Baldus disposable double nose masks

Baldus disposable double-nose masks

Offer your patients a pleasant dental visit with our new distinctive Baldus® disposable double nose masks – our recommendation for an easy treatment with children! For the little patients, our "Strawberry Delight" the absolute hit! The adults like to enjoy the subtle scent "Blueberry Dance“.

The Baldus mask system

Animated disposable double nose mask


  • soft conformable inner mask improves seal and patient comfort.
  • the transparent outer mask sits closer to the patient's face for better suction
  • The patient's breathing is controlled and offers additional safety for the practitioner. 


  • the special design of the double nose masks
    the indoor air pollution of n2o during treatment.
  • Baldu's double nose masks direct the gases through the large one
    oval opening of the inner mask directly into the suction channels of
    outer mask and thus ensure maximum efficiency.

The universal fit with other scavenger systems
enables the compatibility of the Baldus disposable double nose masks with already.


  • More perfect fit! The inner mask ensures an exact supply of the gas mixture due to the ideal fit 
  • The size is what matters! The reduced fit allows practitioners better visibility and easier access to the patient's oral cavity
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Job security Baldus disposable double nose masks

Job security

One of the most important factors when purchasing a nitrous oxide sedation system is choosing the right mask system. Only with a perfectly fitting nose mask and an efficient extraction system can compliance with the guidelines according to TRGS-900 regarding room air contamination be guaranteed. 

In addition, effective work is made possible. The TRGS-900 states that in Germany the limit values of 100 PPM (parts per million) may only be exceeded for a very short period of time during nitrous oxide treatment. With good ventilation and patient compliance, nitrous oxide sedation can be used for up to 8 hours.

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