US patents: How we are expanding our lead

Our nitrous oxide sedation products are well received worldwide! We have recently started to expand in the United States. In December 2018 we already received the first patents for our products. Now we have been granted additional patents.

One step ahead with important design features

The Baldus® double-nose mask benefits from the three new patents, and is completely unique in its way. The design goes hand in hand with other advantages that are particularly useful in everyday operation. For example, our system results in a far lower air pollution for the staff.

To make this possible, cuddly materials were used, but they never feel uncomfortable. Rather, the accuracy of fit ensures that wearing this nasal mask is no longer as uncomfortable as is the case with other systems. The lower weight also means significantly fewer pressure points for the patient.

With the usual double-nose masks there is also the problem that the treatment space for the practice team is restricted. Since savings could be made with our concept, this problem no longer exists with our product.

In addition, previous models on the market are kept in gray or white. We wanted to change that! That is why our product comes with colorful and fragrant disposable inner masks - for example in the fragrances Blueberry Dance or Strawberry Delight.

The special feature: The double mask system is suitable for every common type of oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer!

Why our patents are so important

Nitrous oxide sedation is much better known and more popular in the United States than in Germany. Market leaders have long since formed here and have been successfully selling their products for decades. However, no progress can be seen. The Baldus® Touch nitrous oxide / oxygen mixer in particular has a unique function.

As described in our article on patenting the product, there is also Protection mechanisms and setting optionsthat no other product has. In addition, bureaucracy is prevented accordingly, because the Baldus Touch® can also store the patient ID and thus all important parameters (treatment time, N2O value and more) are saved on a USB stick. The data can then be stored in your own system.

The variant via the USB stick also preserves data protection, because this way the patient data does not leak out, as would be the case with cloud storage.

We therefore received the following patents for the Baldus® double-nose mask system in mid-February 2020:

  • U.S. Patent No. D875240
  • U.S. Patent No. D875239
  • U.S. Patent No. D875238

This means that our products, which are both developed and manufactured in Germany, always remain protected.

That is why your patients will also love our nitrous oxide sedation products

Nitrous oxide sedation (LGS) is the opportunity for your practice to maintain a unique market position. It is not just about more comfort for the patient, but also significantly shorter treatment times. At the same time, another target group is addressed: the anxiety patients.

The advantages for you result from, among other things, an increase in sales, unique selling points in the region, relaxed and faster work and the strengthening of hypnosis treatments.

Among other things, the patient benefits from the fact that general anesthesia is no longer necessary. This also significantly reduces the risks! In addition, the well-being is increased and the gag reflex and swallowing reflex are minimized.

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