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US patent for German nitrous oxide sedation

The German manufacturer Baldus Medizintechnik has been recognised for the new generation of nitrous oxide sedation with the oxygenNitrous oxide-Baldus® Analog and Baldus® Touch das mixers US patent.

Baldus Medizintechnik received the US patent for the analogue in October Oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer, Baldus® Analog and the digital mixer, Baldus® Touch. The new generation of Oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer for dental nitrous oxide sedation from Baldus Medizintechnik work with new safety mechanisms and an extension of setting options (number US 10,065,159 B2).

The Baldus® Touch is the first oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer with a touchscreen. The practitioner can enter a patient ID or a name for the first time, so that the parameters of the patients, such as treatment time, start of Sedation, maximum N2Ovalue can be saved and read out via a USB stick.

The essential contents of the patent are the new options in the settings of the mixer Baldus® Touch. In the event of a gas shortage, a visual and acoustic alarm signal is released. The volume of the alarm and the button tones are adjustable. Service appointments are automatically displayed.

That screen can both the percentage Nitrous oxide- and oxygen concentration. In addition, the Baldus® Touch has an error memory. During the annual maintenance, all parameters can be read out by the service team.

The Baldus® Analog oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer is the first analog dental mixer to feature an audible alarm package. If the flow of a gas is interrupted, an acoustic warning signal sounds immediately. This means that if the oxygen bottle runs out, the practitioner will be alerted that the entire gas flow has been stopped and the Sedation is interrupted in the patient.

The mixers both have other innovations. So became the maximum Total flow is increased to 15 or 18 l/min to ensure that the sedation is always fully effective. The O2 flush button on the Baldus® mixers is red and located in the centre of the device for lightning-fast action in emergencies. Reading the nitrous oxide concentration is shown in simplified form for the practitioner. All other security mechanisms such as B. nitrous oxide barrier, limitation of nitrous oxide concentration, are successfully installed.

"That US patent officially holding it in my hands makes me very proud. It's definitely a big milestone for the company. A big thank you also goes to my wife Lisa Baldus, who always supports me in the implementation of my visions and ideas,” says Managing Director Fabian Baldus.

With the patent, Baldus Medizintechnik secures the hard-earned know-how lead in the technology for the dental oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer. The dentist, treatment team and patient benefit from this. Baldus® Touch and Baldus® Analog stand for more safety, more comfort, easy handling and modern technology.