Our expansion into the USA is imminent

The expansion of our medical technology is progressing. So far we have been able to win 30 distributors in different countries. We already have partners in Australia, Kosovo, Casablanca and also in Dubai. Now it is time to be part of the largest market for nitrous oxide sedation. With the expansion into the USA, we will provide new innovations.

Our medical devices are already approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) and we will receive confirmation of this in the coming weeks. From February 20 to 22, 2020, we will be part of the Midwinter Dental Meeting in Chicago for the first time. Our booth is managed by our sales manager Hans Heydorn, who has been employed to manage the US market since November 2019.

Nitrous oxide sedation has long been normal in the USA

The nitrous oxide sedation has not yet fully arrived in Germany, because dentists are still skeptical about it. The neighboring countries of Germany show, however, that the treatment method definitely helps. The gag reflex is inhibited and any pain can also be significantly reduced by the nitrous oxide.

In general, the treatment with nitrous oxide in dental medicine is both more pleasant for the patient and for the attending doctor. At the same time, productivity can be increased because fewer complications can treat more patients. The USA has long recognized this potential.

In the USA, nitrous oxide sedation (short: LGS) is completely normal. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus show up on Facebook with such a laughing gas mask and no one is surprised why this mask has to be worn. In order for this to happen in Germany as well, clarification is still necessary.

The nitrous oxide market in the USA

Accutron and Porter are leaders in the United States in the field of nitrous oxide sedation. However, these devices are only semi-automated and a device with touchscreen operation is not available on the market at all. However, a device with a touchscreen enables fast work, automatic patient documentation and short training times for new staff. This makes a significant difference, especially in larger practices.

It can also be seen that the Porter Dental and Matrx companies have not dared to further develop the analog and digital mixers for over 15 years. The devices are no longer state-of-the-art. The manufacturer is trying to save any costs because there was no competition in sight. The same applies to the companies Tecnogaz and Accutron.

With the Baldus Analog, the Baldus Touch and the Baldus double mask system, we will enter the US market in a few weeks. This primarily benefits the practices and consequently also the patients, since the treatment is even easier, less time-consuming, more comfortable and, above all, safer.

Baldus with unrivaled technology

The Baldus Touch is an oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer of the latest generation for dental nitrous oxide sedation. The device can be operated intuitively by means of a touchscreen and from this it is also possible to insert new control elements. This makes it easier for medical staff to monitor the patient.

This even includes automatic patient documentation (saving of sedation parameters with patient ID) as well as automatic rejection after treatment with self-test, error memory with monitoring of software and hardware, so that error analysis, should this be necessary, can be carried out much more easily. The Baldus Touch is unrivaled worldwide and will transform the US market.

New system with over 20 innovations and improvements

The new Baldus double-nose mask scavenger system has over 20 innovations and improvements. In order for this system to appear on the market in perfection, all mask systems available on the market were tested and analyzed for their weak points. As a result, customer requests have also been integrated and all of this has led to the development of an exceptional extraction system.

The double-nose mask scavenger system is amazingly efficient and scores with increased safety. The entire system was developed and manufactured in Germany. The advantages for dental practice result from the freedom of treatment and the simple operation. The patient enjoys the perfect fit of the mask, in which latex has been completely dispensed with. The system is compatible with all nitrous oxide devices and fully autoclavable.

Conclusion: The US market is facing competition

The US market is facing considerable competition from our qualitative products, because above all the Baldus Touch remains unmatched for the manufacturers from the USA. It has also turned out that US dentists prefer medical technology from Germany. Our success story continues.

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