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Our 1st US fair in Chicago was a complete success!

Our products from the Baldus Group were exhibited for the first time at the midwinter dental fair in Chicago from February 20 to February 22. In addition, we were highlighted by the Chicago Dental Society as a new exhibitor. But that's not the only reason our stand was particularly well attended.

Uninterrupted interest in our booth

The highlight for everyone was the Baldus Touch, because the US market does not know such a device. The competitors in the segment have long overslept the trend towards user-friendly products. We were able to introduce the product to dealers as well as dentists and assistants - everyone was thrilled with this range of functions.

The Baldus Touch has advanced touchscreen technology and is a next generation oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer. It convinces not only with superior technology, but also with a timeless design. For this we have already won the German Innovation Award 2019 and the ISB Success Award 2019.

On top of that, there is even a significant improvement in the practice flow. The patient's data is stored on a USB stick during treatment, which can be read out on the practice computer. An assignment is made by a patient ID, so the technology also fulfills all rules and laws of data protection.

The Baldus Analog serves high demand

But not only the Baldus Touch could benefit from this visit to the fair! It's that too Baldus Analog, which was in high demand. The product was demonstrated as a scooter trolley, because in this form this solution has the greatest demand. Overall, however, we have probably the best technology on the US market with the Baldus Touch and Baldus Analog.

The keen interest was also a confirmation, because interested parties and customers were with us on all three days of the fair. This has resulted in extremely good contacts, which we have for our Expansion in the United States also need. This paves the way for us to enter a completely new market!

Our products have been successfully patented in the United States

But there are other success stories from the USA! Our Baldus Analog and Baldus Touch mixers as well as the double mask system developed and manufactured in Germany have been successfully patented.

Conclusion: added value for the practice team in just a few steps

The Baldus nitrous oxide sedation helps your practice team to work more easily and quickly. The aim is to reduce the treatment time per patient so that the total number of patients per working day can be increased. This works without any problems with our products!

The patient is also happy because there will be no side effects or restrictions, such as the anesthetic injection. After such treatment, driving is generally prohibited. Likewise, nothing should be eaten beforehand - all of these restrictions do not exist with our products.

The US market is now ready for our products and in the near future we will mix it up with our German products.

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