Congress 2019

Dental training for dentists and the practice team

The 2nd German Nitrous oxide-Congress on 06/11/2022

We present: THE advanced training event for dentists

The n2o Academy of Baldus Sedation GmbH & Co. KG launched a platform for the first time in 2019, where dentists can exchange information with each other and find out about the latest technologies and the current state of science. Well-known speakers from various dental fields will give exciting lectures Nitrous oxide sedation hold and report on your very personal experiences with the modern sedation method. a liveSedation demonstrates the handling of the devices, the effect of the sedative and the procedure.

Baldus Nitrous Oxide Congress 2022 Discussion Participants

At an industrial exhibition, various manufacturers from the dental industry will present their products and services and talk to you. We have prepared an exciting program for you with topics such as "patient categories and sales strategies", "patient management and parental control" and "marketing concepts for the dental practice" and will answer all questions relating to the topic Nitrous oxide sedation. Find out at our congress why it is important to implement nitrous oxide sedation in your everyday treatment, what benefits you and your patients can draw from it and how you can involve the entire practice team in the treatment Nitrous oxide can integrate. By integrating nitrous oxide into your everyday treatment, you enable both anxious patients and patients with a strong swallowing reflex or retching a relaxed and worry-free treatment. From small to large, whether restricted or not, nitrous oxide sedation can be used for all patients.

You increase accordingly by the use of the gentle Sedation Your patient base and you can treat more patients yourself that you may have had to refer to an anesthesia practice. A wide range of interventions are performed without the use of anesthesia be possible – thanks to nitrous oxide sedation. Inspire your patients with the expansion of the sedation range and a relaxed treatment process. Our speakers will introduce you to the devices and the application, as well as the preparation and follow-up of nitrous oxide sedation and report extensively on the added value for your practice. 

The participants of the nitrous oxide congress

The diverse lecture topics of our speakers provide interesting information for dentists and the entire practice team. Thanks to our speakers from different dental fields, you will gain insights into the various areas of application and the versatility of nitrous oxide sedation. With 8 advanced training points, you can not only train yourself, but also your practice team and increase the qualifications of your employees and your dental practice many times over. Our training is a team event for the entire dental practice and represents great added value for your practice. At the 2nd German Laughing Gas Congress, you can actively involve your team in modern techniques in dentistry and get them excited about modern sedation methods. Modernize your practice with trained, qualified staff and the use of nitrous oxide sedation. 

Nitrous Oxide Congress participants

The event night

The event night that follows the congress is a really special team event for your dental practice with a boat trip into the Koblenz sunset. Celebrate the success of your dental practice together with your team and enjoy the view of the Castles and palaces along the Rhine. Not only your team, but also your companions are cordially invited to celebrate with us at the n2o event night. Music and live entertainment create the right atmosphere and really leave nothing to be desired.

Would you like to train your practice on the topic of nitrous oxide sedation, to be up to date with the latest technology and to enable both you and your patients to receive the best treatments? Then find out more now at our nitrous oxide congress​​​

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