Baldus double nose mask scavenger system

The double nose mask – scavenger system

That Scavenger system is a medical product used during treatment for the patient ventilation circuit. The patient breathes the oxygen – Nitrous oxide – Blend in using the scavenger system and so on again through the hose set out. Their basic function is a transmission system of hoses for conducting gases.

Our equipment

The Baldus Double nose masks - scavenger system consists of a complete hose set and a Baldus Vacuum Control Blockwith inline flow measurement and regulating valve including autoclavable vacuum hose and adapter. Three disposable double-nose masks each for adults and children are added. The material of the Nasal masks, like the tube system, is made of translucent silicone Vacuum Control Block and the connectors are made of plastic.

How is the Scavenger system delivered?

The Baldus Scavenger system is available as a single item or in combination with the purchase of the Baldus Analog or Baldus Touch device sold. When purchasing a new device, the scavenger system is included in the package price.

What does it make Baldu's double nose masks-Scavenger system unique?

What makes the Baldus double nose mask scavenger system unique

Handling scavenger system

  • Unrestricted space for the actual treatment for the doctor and practice team
  • Easy to use
  • Labels and different sizes promote easy insertion and assembly of the mask system
  • The patient's breathing can be observed thanks to the translucent material of the outer mask

Security of the Scarenverg system

  • Alternating and prevention web at the connectors ensure even more safety when assembling a mask system
  • During development, escaping gases and the indoor air pollution get a lot of attention for more safety at work
  • The choice of material and the associated perfect fit of the mask on the face guarantee minimal leakage, so that the indoor air contamination With N2O – Molecules are kept absolutely low.
  • Aerodynamic flow channels ensure efficient nitrous oxide extraction

Material of the Baldus Scavenger system

  • latex free
  • Use of a soft and pliable silicone
  • Thanks to the material, the double nose mask in particular adapts to every face shape
  • Biocompatibility confirmed

patient comfort

  • The soft material prevents uncomfortable pressure points on the skin
  • An oval membrane, which is attached to the inner mask, allows less resistance when exhaling the breathing air, so that the exhaled gas is discharged better and more easily
  • Thanks to an optimal flow, the patient can breathe in and out without restriction. The large volume in the inner mask is also beneficial

For more sustainability

All components of the hose system are full autoclavable, this includes the inner and outer mask, the double and spiral hose as well as the connectors. It is important to note the distinction between the double nose masks with scent, single use, and the autoclavable ones inner masks. Masks that are scented are not allowed in the autoclave, these are marked.

What does autoclave mean?

What does autoclave mean

All substances and objects that can be treated in an autoclave are referred to as autoclavable. Among other things, the material composition, the properties of the components contained and the surface structure are important. The item must withstand pressure and heat to achieve the goal of eliminating all viruses and bacteria. An autoclave is a pressure vessel that is used for the thermal treatment of substances. This is used to sterilize and disinfect products in medical technology.

How is the scavenger system autoclaved?

The following components of the scavenger system can be autoclaved:

Sterilization in the steam autoclave:

  • Three vacuum phases
  • Sterilization temperature: 134 degrees
  • Holding time: 5 minutes
  • Drying time: 20 minutes

Storage: Store dry and dust-free after sterilization

What systems does the Baldus Scavenger system fit?

The Baldus Scavneger system is suitable for, among other things, Matrx, Porter, Accutron and Technogaz devices and can be used without any problems.

How is the hose set assembled?

We'll start with that breathing bag. This is attached to the lower end of the BAG-T.  Now the corrugated hose is connected with the connector with the double hose tied together. Then the free end of the corrugated hose is plugged into the front outlet of the BAG-T. Now the suction hose is assembled. The package contains a longer and a shorter hose. Now the vacuum control block must be placed in the correct direction between the 2 hoses. The shorter hose is placed on the designation “VAC” (pronounced suction). The longer hose is attached to the part of the vacuum control block where "MASK" is written.

In the next step, the free end of the longer hose is attached to the double hose. Last but not least, they can hanger onto the vacuum hose so that you can hang it anywhere you like. Then the suction hose can be connected to the chair suction.

In the video, our technician shows how easy it is to install the Baldus Scavenger system. You can also find a lot of other interesting information about our products and services on our website Youtube channel.


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Intended use

That Baldu's double nose masks-Scavengersystem will be at a O2-N2O gas mixer connected and serves to produce a gas mixture O2 and directing N2O to the patient's nose for inspiration. At the same time, the gas mixture exhaled by the patient is evacuated through the Baldus double nasal mask scavenger system and the suction connected to the system. In combination with an O2-N2O mixer and a suitable pressure supply, the system fulfills the purpose of light Sedation.

How the mask system works in conjunction with the scavenger system

The Baldus double nasal mask scavenger system is used to administer a mixture to a patient using an O2-N2O mixer. The mask system is only intended for use in the medical field and may only be used by a trained doctor to allow patients to be taken with them if necessary Nitrous oxide and oxygen to sedate.

Inhalation phase:

The mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is fed in via the scavenger system.

exhalation phase:

When you exhale into the inner mask, one opens membrane and the exhaled gas enters the outer mask. The suction in the outer mask is separate from the inner mask, allowing the patient to inhale without further resistance.

The exhaled gas is channeled optimally into the vacuum channel via the oval membrane and the aerodynamic guide channels.

The double nose mask system successfully protects the personnel from the exhaled gas. The cuddly, autoclavable ones Nasal masks are easy to swap out and are available for both adults and children.

security and control

Before each treatment

Control of the membrane: Before each treatment, check that the membrane is correctly positioned on the inner mask. If this is not the case, it must be ensured that the membrane is properly seated before starting the treatment. If it is missing, however, a new one must be used, otherwise none can Sedation be performed.


Checking the vacuum control block: As soon as damage is visible or the flow ball can no longer be regulated in the marked area due to the suction power or the flow ball shows no movement at all, the block must be replaced.


Checking for leaks: All parts of the mask system must be checked for punctures or damage to avoid leakage.

A quick test to check breathing bag and scavenger system for leaks:

  1. The double nose mask and one of the two connectors must be removed
  2. The two ends of the double hoses are connected to each other using the connector, creating a closed system.
  3. By increasing the flow, the breathing bag should be filled like a balloon, after which the flow is set back to 0l/min.
  4. The breathing bag should be observed for five minutes
  5. If the breathing bag is still full after the time has elapsed, the test was successful and there are no leaks. If the breathing bag is not filled, the Y-connectors, connectors, hoses or the breathing bag are leaking and must be replaced.

The hose set must then be reinstalled

Hygiene of the scavenger system


The mask system is delivered non-sterile. Please clean, sterilize or disinfect all components before use according to the instructions for use. The breathing bag has a separate reprocessing instruction supplied with the breathing bag.

Reprocessing Limitations

Frequent reprocessing affects the mask system. The end of product life is usually determined by wear and tear and damage from use. If severe discoloration or cracking occurs, please replace. Slight discoloration is acceptable. Please note the expiry date.

Maximum recommended number of reprocessing cycles for the autoclavable components: 50

treatment at the point of use

Remove surface contamination immediately after use with a disposable cloth/paper towel.

storage and transportation

No special requirements. It is recommended that reprocessing of the mask system be performed as soon as possible after use.


For all cleaned, disinfected and sterilized components, check after each step:

Carry out a visual inspection for damage, wear and tear and residual dirt. If residual dirt is visible, the cleaning and disinfection process must be repeated. After sterilization, check for dryness and package integrity. If the packaging is damaged, please clean and disinfect again.

Made in Germany

Our Baldus products are in Germany produced and manufactured. With the team in our production hall in Bendorf, the items are prepared and prepared for shipping. This means that our range is subject to high safety standards and also reduces CO2 emissions.

We stand for MADE IN GERMANY: We made a conscious decision to locate in Germany/Koblenz and will remain loyal to this region in the future. Because we are convinced: Only from here can we do first-class work for you and provide you with the best service.

Included in the package: the disposable double nose masks with fragrance

The Baldus Disposable double nose masks with scent Thanks to their perfect fit, they guarantee greater wearing comfort, less room air contamination and, thanks to their flat shape, offer more space for the dentist to work. Thanks to the soft, supple inner mask and the transparent outer mask, which sits closer to the face, the patient's breathing is controlled and offers additional safety for the practitioner. Particularly unique: the Baldus sedation disposable double nose masks also fit all other nitrous oxide systems.

The double nose masks are available in different scents:

Blueberry Dance
Strawberry Delight
Happy Apple
Chilla Vanilla
Bouncy bubble
Pure ghost


You have any questions to this topic? Would you like to go into more detail Nitrous oxide sedation be informed? Our Baldus experts look forward to yours contact! Our experts are also at your disposal in our chat. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram

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