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Your success is our success. We support you in this Nitrous oxide sedation to stage correctly. After all, your patients' attention should go directly to the Nitrous oxide sedation to be directed.

With little effort you can set effective stimuli and the Nitrous oxide sedation quickly established in your everyday practice. Start downloading now Baldu's Marketing Checklist and make your practice unique.

the Nitrous oxide-Heroes accompany your little patients before, during and after treatment
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Practice marketing competence and motivation

Competence and motivation for you and your entire practice team

In the N2O-Academy you will become an expert in Nitrous oxide sedation – by E-learning, in our certification courseen and at your site.

So you not only achieve Continuing Education Credits, but a unique competitive advantage in the market.


Find out more about the n2o Academy here


Our explanatory videos on your website provide information and create trust

Entertaining and still to the point - this is how you transport important information about the with our explanatory videos Nitrous oxide sedation.


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Practice marketing dentist: coloring book for children
Practice marketing nitrous oxide sedation dentist
Practice marketing dentist

Information material and visual incentives in the practice, in the waiting room and in the treatment room

So that our common message gets across, you will receive extensive information material and various advertising materials - from flyers and exhibitors to visually attractive practice panorama motifs.

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Can be found as an expert in the new Baldus dentist directory

Many people look for experts on every month Nitrous oxide sedation and end up with Baldu's sedation. We are proud of our customers who go through the visit to the dentist with us without fear Nitrous oxide make. In our new dentist finder you will be found as an expert in your region thanks to a proximity search.

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