Nitrous oxide sedation in pediatric dentists

pediatric dentists

Pediatric dentists in 2022

Nitrous oxide sedation in pediatric dentists

pediatric dentists specialize in treating children and adolescents. Taking the kids to a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist has advantages. Pediatric dentists mainly deal with young patients: inside and therefore have extensive experience. They put themselves on the children's level and use stories and fantasies to bring children's teeth and mouths closer. A pleasant atmosphere, which requires a child-friendly environment, is important.

Pediatric dentists are an integral part of modern dentistry

Nitrous oxide sedation in children

Benefits of nitrous oxide sedation for pediatric dentistry

Nitrous oxide transforms the fear of your patients: inside before the treatment in deep relaxation. The inhalation of Nitrous oxide creates an inner calm and minimises the sensation of pain and gagging. In addition to the brief pre- and post-treatment, patients are responsive and fully conscious throughout the treatment. The mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered via a comfortable and custom-fit nose mask inhaled by the patient – for young and old.

The proportion of nitrous oxide on a regulator is slowly increased and individually adjusted so that your patients: inside one optimal state of calm are located. The nitrous oxide takes effect after just a few minutes and suppresses dental anxiety before it can even develop. Familiar reactions such as the urge to swallow and gag do not occur. In contrast to general anesthetic Patients are: internally fully conscious throughout the treatment and therefore responsive.

The sedation technique with nitrous oxide can be combined with local anesthesia for more complex treatments. The application of Nitrous oxide sedation can be told before and during the treatment with the help of a story. In this way, the little patients in particular learn about the nitrous oxide method in a playful way. The use of nitrous oxide eliminates an early fear of the dentist and thus enables a pleasant stay in the practice.

Is nitrous oxide also safe for my child?

Very sure! US studies show that 90% of American children's dentists nitrous oxide use daily. The gentle Sedation is ideal for children. Nitrous oxide sedation is safe to use and gentle on children's bodies. After Sedation no residues remain in the body, and it does not irritate the respiratory tract and does not cause respiratory depression. For them, the treatment flies by and the doctor can concentrate on his work thanks to the sedation. A visit to the dentist becomes a positive experience – without any fear.

When is laughing gas appropriate for children?

The sedation procedure is suitable for patients: internally with low to moderately pronounced dental fear and can be used in children from the age of 4-6 years. Successful communication and cooperation skills with the children are crucial. The Federal Association for Pediatric Dentists even promotes the use of nitrous oxide, especially in young and anxious patients.

How does the treatment with nitrous oxide work in children's dentists?

Here’s how nitrous oxide sedation might work in a child:

1. Arrive at the practice: The children arrive with their parents at the children's dental practice. The child has already had a preliminary talk with the doctor before his or her first examination. The practice rooms are child-friendly and have a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

2. The preparation: The child can already let off steam in the waiting and playroom. With the Baldus coloring book, the young patient can: even take the first step towards nitrous oxide sedation himself. After being called into the treatment room, the young patients can choose a nasal mask in their desired fragrance and favorite color.

3. The start of treatment: The next steps of the treatment are slowly explained in a story. The nose mask is now put on the child with its selected scent. The pulse rate and the oxygen saturation in the blood are measured using a small chamber on the finger.

4. During treatment: Initially, the child breathes in 100% oxygen, gradually increasing the proportion of nitrous oxide. The child is relaxed and the dentist takes care of the teeth.

5. End of treatment: After the toughs have been treated, the supply of nitrous oxide is shut off. The child now breathes pure oxygen for 5 minutes. A short time later - about 15 minutes - the nitrous oxide is gone.

6. Farewell: The child leaves the children's dental practice feeling relaxed, without any fear or anxiety about the next appointment

You are also welcome to watch our video, which we were allowed to shoot a year ago at a children's dentist. Of course, you can find many more interesting videos on our Youtube channel.


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Baldus disposable double nose masks with fragrance

The design of the nitrous oxide mask allows for better wearing comfort, less indoor air pollution and is offered for young and old. The Baldus disposable double nose masks guarantee more space for the dentist to work thanks to their perfect fit. Thanks to the soft, supple material of the inner mask and the transparent outer mask, which sits closer to the face, the patient's breathing is controlled and offers additional safety for the practitioner. The double nose masks can be used universally and therefore fit all nitrous oxide systems. Baldus Sedation offers you the double nose masks in six different aromas:

The functionality of the double nose masks enables effective teamwork and a successful feel-good atmosphere for your patients: inside.

How much does nitrous oxide sedation cost for children?

Since it is a simple sedation technique acts, the nitrous oxide application is cheaper than that of a general anesthetic. The costs are between 100€ and 190€, depending on the length of the sedation. Treatment with nitrous oxide is particularly suitable for shorter appointments, as the nitrous oxide works quickly and wears off quickly.

Baldus certifies dentists to ensure expertise

the N2O Academy Baldus Sedation GmbH & Co. KG offers Germany-wide certification courses for sedation with nitrous oxide as a combination E-learning and face-to-face event. At the face-to-face event, dentists receive all the important information about the equipment with practical exercises on the use of nitrous oxide sedation. For the final certification, all participants complete a final test at the end of the training - to ensure the safe use of nitrous oxide sedation.

With our Dentist Finder you can find a suitable dentist and/or children's dentist in your area. The Baldus experts will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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