Nitrous oxide, the drug of choice in dentistry!

Replica to the current reports above Nitrous oxidebased on the article by Anette Birschel/dpa.

The above articles are exclusively about the abuse of Nitrous oxide. This is not made clear, instead nitrous oxide is generally defamed as a drug. Apparently, no or only incomplete research was done here. The use of nitrous oxide in medicine is not mentioned at all. It only has positive properties: no side effects, easy to control and, incidentally, it is the most studied drug of all.

The medical laughing gas, which is not only "still" (quote from the articles) used by dentists, but enjoys a worldwide (!) growing popularity among dentists and above all their patients, is of course still subject to the Medicines Act, similar to antibiotics or strong painkillers. Medicinal laughing gas is the drug of choice when it comes to pain relief and anxiety reduction.

It is not for nothing that the German Society for Pediatric Dentistry recommends the Nitrous oxide sedation. Also in the delivery room Nitrous oxide sedation a tried and tested remedy for pain and relaxation for expectant mothers. After all, 90% of mothers in the Scandinavian countries give birth to their children using laughing gas.

If nitrous oxide were freely available - as the article suggests - consumers would hardly use cream chargers for their short intoxication.


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