What is nitrous oxide dental sedation?

With nitrous oxide sedation for a pleasant treatment

With nitrous oxide sedation to a
pleasant treatment

the Nitrous oxide sedation is a medical procedure in which the patient inhales the nitrous oxide-oxygen mixture through a custom-fit Baldus disposable double-ended nasal mask. Laughing gas has a calming and anxiolytic effect and thus ensures a more relaxed dental treatment with a lower swallowing reflex, minimized gag reflex and a lower perception of pain.

In contrast to nitrous oxide anesthesia the patient remains fully conscious during the treatment, which has significant benefits for dentist and patient alike.

Nitrous oxide sedation with the
Baldus Touch

In this video you will learn how nitrous oxide sedation with our Baldus Touch works in the dental practice. 


Play Video about Procedure for laughing gas sedation with the Baldus Touoch
Nitrous oxide sedation benefits as a dentist

Nitrous oxide sedation - advantages as a dentist

Nitrous oxide sedation - advantages as a patient

Nitrous oxide sedation benefits as a patient
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Certification by the n2o Academy

For the use of nitrous oxide sedation in practice, official certification is required, as we present in our n2o academy  offer to all dental practices.

We offer the certification courses throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We also offer in-house training and e-learning courses.

Nitrous oxide sedation: Certification by the Baldus n2o Academy

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