How economical is a nitrous oxide device

How economical is a nitrous oxide device?

In today's world, dental practices endeavour to offer their patients not only high-quality dental care, but also a pleasant and stress-free visit. One way of achieving this is the use of nitrous oxide devices for Sedation and pain relief during dental procedures. However, the question arises as to whether the purchase of a nitrous oxide device for the dental practice is actually economically viable. We will explore this question in this blog post.

Advantages of a nitrous oxide device in your dental practice

Let's start by talking about the advantages of a nitrous oxide device in your dental practice, which have nothing to do with the "bare figures".

1. patient comfort: Nitrous oxide offers an effective method of calming and pain relief for anxious or nervous patients. Patients with a pronounced retching can be realised with a Nitrous oxide sedation be treated very well.  

Through the use of Nitrous oxide dentists can create a relaxed and stress-free environment that increases patient comfort and strengthens confidence in the practice. 

In this context, it should not be neglected that you as the dentist and your dental assistant will also find a more pleasant situation due to the less stressful treatment of your patient 

2. Extended range of treatmentsWith Nitrous oxide devices dentists can perform a wider range of treatments. It enables the Sedation of patients who might otherwise refuse treatment due to fear or discomfort. By expanding the range of treatments, dentists can potentially increase their patient base and boost their revenue. 

3.Fast effect and recovery timeNitrous oxide works quickly and can achieve a pleasant sedation within a few minutes. Patients can also recover quickly after treatment as the nitrous oxide is rapidly eliminated from the body. Patients are conscious and can leave the practice on their own after a short recovery period. This means that more patients can be treated in less time, which increases the efficiency of the practice. 

Investment costs of a nitrous oxide device

Investment costs of a nitrous oxide device

Before we come to an economic calculation and clarify the question of whether a nitrous oxide devices is worthwhile for your practice, we answer the questions about the investment costs. What you have to expect:  

  1. Costs for the nitrous oxide device.  

At the Baldus Analog we currently have a net selling price of from 6.199 €. The package contains all the components you need for sedation with nitrous oxide, such as the double-nose scavenger system including 3 disposable double-nose masks each for adults and children and the cylinder pressure reducer for oxygen and nitrous oxide.  

At the Baldus Touch, with integrated screen (touch function), the acquisition costs including all components are 7,599 € net.  

  1. Maintenance costs 

In addition to the nitrous oxide device, regular maintenance and gas refilling must also be carried out to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the device. These additional costs must be included in the economic assessment. 

  1. Training and certification:  

Dentists and their team must be trained and certified to use nitrous oxide safely and effectively in practice. Training can involve additional time and costs. The Certification courses ours N2O Academy can either take place at selected locations throughout Germany or in a In-house training directly in your practice with your team.  

  1. Consumables and accessories.  

The consumables for the Nitrous oxide sedation in your dental practice include the Disposable double nasal masks and of course the medical gases (nitrous oxide and oxygen) that you need when using the nitrous oxide mixer. The masks are charged to the customer.

In any case, a pulse oximeter The patient's values must be monitored during treatment with nitrous oxide. The net investment costs for this would be € 159. 

Let's simply add up all the costs involved in including nitrous oxide sedation in your service portfolio using the example of the Baldus Touch

Required investment
1. nitrous oxide device
Net purchase price€ 7.599,00
plus delivery and assembly€ 450,00
plus VAT 19%€ 1.529.31
Total price nitrous oxide device€ 9.578,31
2. accessories and training
pulse oximeter€ 159,00
Blood pressure monitor€0,00
Certification seminar€ 720,00
Total accessories and training net€ 879,0
plus VAT 19%€ 161,31
Total amount gross10.618,62
Is the purchase of a nitrous oxide device worthwhile

Is it worth buying a nitrous oxide device?

Now we come to the most interesting part, whereby in the first step we define this purely in terms of figures and deliberately exclude all other advantages that result from the purchase of a nitrous oxide device.  

Let's assume that you decide in favour of leasing. In this case, the following exemplary financing costs would be incurred:  

Financing costs:
Depreciation period of the device (years)5
Financing nitrous oxide device and accessories€ 10.618,62
Total costs financed at3,5%
Annual amortisation20%
Redemption€ 2.123,72
Annual load€ 2.4954,38
Monthly charge€ 207,95

Our figures are based on our experience as a nitrous oxide specialist and can of course fluctuate. However, we can provide you with the right advice and recommendations for your specific needs so that you can feel confident about establishing nitrous oxide sedation in your practice.  

In this case, we assume a fee of 140 euros per hour and 8 treatments per month. The average material costs are the consumption of nitrous oxide and oxygen for one treatment, which we estimate at 10 euros.  

With 8 applications per month, we would have a remuneration of €1,120 and material costs of €80, which would mean a monthly surplus of €1,040. The annual surplus would be €12,480. Here we deduct the necessary annual maintenance costs of €245, so that the monthly income would be €811.64 and the net profit in the first year (€811.64 x 12) would be €9,739.62. After depreciation, i.e. after the 6th year, this results in an additional net profit of € 12,459.58. If the device including accessories and certification were purchased directly, the net profit would already be realised during the 2nd year of purchase.  

nitrous oxide devices in practice

Every practice is individual, has its own target group and different needs, so we recommend a short phone call with one of our experts to discuss the possibilities of expanding your portfolio.  

However, we would like to give you a small example here. A paediatric dental practice in Munich, which has been a customer of ours for 2.5 years, has already carried out 1,436 sedations with nitrous oxide during this period. On the right is a picture from our last appointment at the practice.

We would like to show the individuality of each individual practice and also show you how many possible applications there are in daily practice life.  

Laughing gas machine Munich paediatric dentist

Advantages of nitrous oxide sedation with Baldus Sedation.  

Finally, we would like to give you some honest advantages. Did you know that: 

  • We are the only manufacturer of nitrous oxide devices in Germany?  
  • That our disposable double-nose masks Made in Germany and are produced and developed by us? 
  • We do not sell devices from other suppliers  
  • That we are the only German supplier of nitrous oxide devices that can deliver the medical gases directly to you, without any detours to any suppliers 
  • That we are the only provider of nitrous oxide devices that carries out the certification as a nitrous oxide user ourselves without relying on external providers?  
  • That we provide you with free marketing material (videos, flyers, images, posters, technical information, etc.)?

All this and much more is what we mean by the 360 degree premium service at Baldus Sedation and every member of our team is committed to this every day. Take the opportunity and speak to one of our Experts |. Perhaps a demonstration date would also be of interest to you? However the path of your contact we look forward to seeing you. 

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Many interesting videos on the Nitrous oxide sedation is available on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on our website, or the Baldus Expert Chat here on  

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