New Baldus company headquarters in Bendorf

Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH is in a steady growth phase. The family business has doubled in size in the last five years and continues to record double-digit growth, making a larger company building inevitable. Through the proactive marketing of the city councilor Herbert Speyerer (FDP Bendorf), the company Baldus Medizintechnik, currently based in Urbar, was able to acquire a property in the industrial area "In der Langfuhr" in Bendorf.

The main reason for the relocation of the headquarters is in the municipality of Urbar, which unfortunately does not offer any expansion options for local companies "Auf dem Schafstall". The traffic situation and motorway connection in Bendorf is also an absolute plus point for the company. The digital infrastructure is an indispensable prerequisite for the global company Baldus, which shows just as great a weakness in Urbar.

The new Baldus company headquarters with over 750 m² of office space and 570 m² of hall and production space will be built on the 4,700 m² site. The image of the new headquarters is characterized by spaciousness in the ultra-modern "industry style", including spacious offices and meeting rooms and modern lounges. "Anyone who has space can also develop," says Fabian Baldus, Managing Director, "and of course space to promote and implement the multitude of new ideas for the further development of products and services." Baldus Medizintechnik also offers two additional office units on the 1st floor sublet.

As a family business, Baldus Medizintechnik has been serving customers in the medical technology sector for more than 25 years and looks after over 500 outpatient operating centres and hospitals in Germany and neighbouring countries. Planning, assembly, operation and maintenance of medical gas supply systems and laboratory gas systems are part of Baldus Medizintechnik's core business. Since 2012, Baldus has established a second mainstay, the dental Nitrous oxide sedation. With the Baldus® Nitrous oxide sedation the company operates worldwide, as foreign countries in particular rely on German quality.

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