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Participation and event conditions for courses of the n2 o Academy of Baldus Sedation GmbH & Co. KG

1 Registration / conclusion of contract

1.1 The event information published online or in any other public manner does not constitute a contractual offer by Baldus Sedation GmbH & Co. KG (organizer).

1.2 By submitting a registration to the organizer, the participant submits a binding offer to conclude a contract for participation in the advanced training event (event). The participant can register for an event by electronically sending the registration form available in the online portal, by e-mail, by fax or in writing by letter for participation in an event. The organizer reserves the right to decide whether to accept or reject an offer to participate.

1.3 The contract for participation in the event is concluded when the organizer receives the event confirmation. The confirmation of participation takes place either in writing (by fax is sufficient) or electronically by e-mail to the specified contact details of the participant. If a registration cannot be considered by the organizer (e.g. for reasons of capacity), the participant will be informed of this in the same way as quickly as possible.

2 participation fee

2.1 The participant must transfer the participation fee to the account specified in the invoice, regardless of third-party services, after receipt of the invoice no later than 14 days before the start of the event (the date on which the value is credited to the account is decisive).

2.2 If the registration is submitted to the organizer less than 14 days before the start of the event, the invoice is due for payment immediately.

3 Scope of services / content and modalities of the event

3.1 The participation fee includes the participation in the booked event, the consumption of the demonstration materials, the use of the conference location as well as the daily catering provided by the organizer.

3.2 The content of the event is based on the respective advanced training program, which meets the requirements of the resolution of the Council of European Dentists (CED). The organizer reserves the right to adapt individual training content to the needs of the lesson to a reasonable extent that is not unreasonably disadvantageous to the interests of the contractual partner, provided that there is an objective reason for this without the prior consent of the participant.

3.3 The organizer is authorized to change the lecturer / speaker for the booked event if there is a factual reason, especially if the originally announced lecturer is prevented from doing so through no fault of his own. The participant cannot derive any rights from this.

4 Withdrawal / changes of registration

4.1 The withdrawal from the contract must be declared in writing or text form (by letter, fax, email). The date of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by the organizer applies. If the participant withdraws by the end of the 15th calendar day before the start of the event, 20 % of the gross offer price will be charged. If the participant has already paid the full participation fee, the excessively paid participation fee will be refunded to the participant immediately. In the event of withdrawal within the period from the 14th day before the start of the event to the day of the event, the full participation fee must be paid. It is not possible to withdraw from the booked event in parts.

4.2 Up to the end of the 15th calendar day before the start of the event, the participant can change registration for a processing fee of 10 % of the gross offer price. The change of registration must be declared in writing or text form (by letter, fax, e-mail). The date of receipt of the re-registration by the organizer applies. A change of registration within the period from the 14th day up to the start of the event is not possible. In the event of a change of registration, the costs of the event must be paid in which the participant would like to participate after his change of registration. The participation fees will be recalculated accordingly. The prices according to the price list at the time of the change of registration apply.

4.3 It is not possible to name a substitute participant.

5 Event cancellation by the organizer

5.1 The organizer can cancel the event for an important reason, in particular due to a lack of cost-covering number of participants, due to short-term non-availability of the speaker without the possibility of using a replacement speaker, due to closure or unforeseeable non-availability of the conference location or due to force majeure. The participant will be informed of the cancellation as early as possible, whereby the cancellation should be made no later than two weeks before the start of the event due to insufficient number of participants.

5.2 In the event of such a cancellation, the participation fee will be reimbursed by the organizer. Except in cases of intent and gross negligence, the organizer is not responsible for wasted expenses or other disadvantages that the participant incurs as a result of the cancellation.

6 Copyright

6.1 Learning materials and the computer software used are fundamentally protected by copyright and may not be copied or passed on to third parties, not even in part, without the consent of the organizer.

6.2 A violation of copyright is punishable under Section 106 of the Copyright Act. The organizer also reserves the right to make civil claims against the participant who violates the copyright, in particular to claim against him for omission and for damages under liability law.

7 House rules and exclusion from the event

7.1 The participant undertakes to comply with the respectively applicable house rules of the conference venue.

7.2 The organizer is entitled to exclude a participant from participating in the event if the participant is under the influence of alcohol or other substances that impair the senses, adversely affects the event, violates copyright law or if payment is not made on time after a written reminder. In the event of exclusion, the organiser's claims for remuneration are determined in accordance with the provisions of withdrawal under section 4.1.

8 liability

8.1 The organizer is only liable for damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the organizer, his legal representatives or vicarious agents.

8.2 The organizer is not liable for the loss or theft of objects brought by the participant.

9 Risk notice

9.1 Participation in the event is at your own risk. As part of the event, the participants are also given the opportunity to find out about the effects of nitrous oxide through their own use (sedation). It cannot be ruled out that nitrous oxide can spread in low concentrations in the room air at the conference venue. Against this background, the organizer recommends pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as people who are contraindicated for nitrous oxide sedation due to illness not to participate in the training event or only after a doctor's declaration of no objection. The organizer must be informed of any existing pregnancy or breastfeeding or any contraindications by the start of the event. If the participant withholds a contraindication for the reasons given, the organizer is not liable for any damage.

9.2 If there is evidence of pregnancy or such illness, the participant will be reimbursed the full participation fee if the participant cancels before the start of the event, minus a processing fee of € 65.00 including VAT.

10 data protection

10.1 For the execution of the contractual relationship, the organizer needs personal information from the participants, such as the address, email address, telephone number and data on the payment method. The organizer does not pass on personal data to third parties unless the organizer is legally obliged to pass it on or the participant has given the organizer his express consent beforehand. The complete data protection regulations can be found at Datenschutzbestaltungen.

10.2 The data protection regulations are regularly adapted so that they always comply with current legal requirements or to implement changes to the organizer's services in the data protection regulations, e.g. when introducing new services. The current version of the data protection provisions therefore apply. The participant undertakes to keep himself informed about the current status of the data protection regulations via the link above.

10.3 By registering for courses, you grant the organizer Baldus Sedation GmbH & Co.KG permission to take photos and films of you or your company presence during the event by our official photographer (team) for a maximum of 10 Years to be used for public relations and documentation (in particular press releases, event reports, marketing of follow-up events) and thus in a legitimate interest. After this period has expired, the recordings will be deleted or destroyed. In addition, we refer to our data protection declaration and the rights of data subjects mentioned there at

11 Other regulations

11.1 The participant shall notify the organizer of changes and additions that affect the implementation of the event and the contractual relationship (e.g. relocation or change of contact details) immediately in writing (by fax or e-mail is sufficient).

11.2 German law applies exclusively.

11.3 The exclusive local place of jurisdiction for legal disputes with merchants, legal entities under public law or special funds under public law from contracts is Bendorf.

Status: 04.06.2020

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