In-house training nitrous oxide in your practice.

the Nitrous oxidetraining at your time, in your practice with your team!

We offer exclusive in-house training courses to the Nitrous oxide sedation beyond the borders of Germany in German and English.

Would you like to train several employees in your practice? We make it possible! In the theoretical part you will learn the basics of Nitrous oxide sedation, which you can implement directly in the practical exercise.

Advantages of your individual in-house training in your practice with all employees.

In a familiar and pleasant setting, you will learn to trust the Nitrous oxide sedation to win. All questions will be answered personally.

No more complicated journeys, as the training takes place in your practice. At the same time you protect the environment.

Learn together as a team Nitrous oxide sedation know. There is no advertising more authentic than your employees.

Course information:

We can train up to 20 participants in one day (up to 10 hours). The training can take place in German and English.  The in-house certification in your practice rooms according to CED decision 03/2012

We also offer fair pricing and appointments by appointment. 


Course content:

Your speakers at the n2o Academy


Ouldouz Otte

Fabian Baldus

Fabian Baldus

D. Bertram 2

ZA David Bertram

dr herbal

dr Sanda Herbrig

dr Lutz

Dr. Philipp Habermann

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