E-learning nitrous oxide sedation

The simple introduction to Nitrous oxide sedation

Training course overview of nitrous oxide sedation

Introduction to the topic of nitrous oxide sedation easily on the go

Our E-learning you can watch comfortably in your free time, from home, in the cafe or in the park. We give you an uncomplicated start to the topic of Nitrous oxide sedation. This means that you set the learning pace and timing for the E-learning determine the unit independently. 

That E-learning is part of our certification coursee, but can also be used separately as an introduction to the topic of dental nitrous oxide sedation be acquired. After successfully completing the E-learnings give you the opportunity to certification course to visit, in which the topics are dealt with in depth and you can find all the important information about the device with practical exercises Sedation get mediated.

E-learning as online training

Want to join the dental Nitrous oxide sedation approach carefully? Then we offer you our opportunity E-learning to purchase in the online shop. We are happy to take the opportunity to tell you about the Sedation With Nitrous oxide to convince. As soon as we have succeeded and you choose a fullcertification decide, we will give you a discount of 49.00 euros on ours certification coursee.
Chapter 1

history of Nitrous oxideit
Types of treatment, Zinder dentistry,
Benefits for dentist and patient

Chapter 3

Expiry of Sedation and products

Chapter 4

Finance and Legal Basics

Chapter 5


The e-learning as part of the certification course

Did you sign up for a fullcertification decided? Then you will receive the link to our after completing the booking E-learning. It's part of ours certification and at the same time serves as an introduction to the topic of Nitrous oxide sedation

On the day of the certification, all participants have the same level of knowledge, on which our speakers will build the further training.

What you should know about nitrous oxide sedation

Advantages as a dentist

Benefits as a patient

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