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n2o Academy final balance for 2019: over 300 participants certified in 18 cities

Our n2o Academy is attracting a lot of interest! For over more than 15 years, Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH has been dealing with nitrous oxide nitrous oxide sedation. This is a sedation method sedation method that may only be used by certified dentists. dentists. In the course of this fact we had built up our training centre training centre.

We attach great importance to professional application! Within the guidelines of the Council of European Dentists, only certified dentists with theoretical, practical and clinical training may use this sedation method

The Council of European Dentists also stipulated in its 2012 decision that this certification course must be at least 10 to 14 hours in length. With the help of certified speakers, our know-how and partnerships, we are able to carry out these training courses in English throughout Germany, but also throughout Europe.

In-house training courses are becoming more popular

Do you prefer exclusive training in your practice? That's not a problem for us. Our in-house training courses include the course in German and English and would even be feasible beyond the borders of Germany. No matter where your practice is located - we come to you.

The advantages are manifold. The training training creates a team dynamic in practice, as no one is excluded from it. excluded. In addition, your practice staff are the key to the patient. Whilst you can take care of another patient, your staff can meantime, your staff can explain nitrous oxide sedation to the patient.

This means you can use your staff as an advertising medium for nitrous oxide sedation. Anxious patients in particular benefit immensely from this treatment method. Don't let this potential go to waste.

The certification course in your practice lasts one day – beforehand, the entire team has access to ours E-learning as perfect preparation. Up to 20 people can participate, so the staff of another practice can also take part.

The course content includes the pharmacology of nitrous oxide, indications and contraindications, device knowledge, use of Sedation in your own practice, emergencies and immediate life-saving measures, practical application and a final examination followed by the presentation of a certificate.

The interest in Nitrous oxide rises tirelessly in Germany

We analyzed our data for 2019. This revealed that 305 participants from 18 cities took advantage of our n2o academy last year. There are also 41 in-house training courses directly in the respective practices. In 2018 there were only 18 appointments.

It is striking that many female dentists in particular are enthusiastic about nitrous oxide sedation. In figures: 77 percent of all participants are women. We are also noticing that more and more dentists are involving their staff and are therefore also certifying them.

In order to increase this interest, we have started the 1+1 campaign again this year. If you book a place as a dentist, you can bring a dental worker from the practice with you completely free of charge.

What are the experiences with a nitrous oxide sedation course?

We consistently receive positive feedback regarding our nitrous oxide sedation courses. The fact that our training courses are very practice-oriented was particularly emphasized in a survey. We recently received the following feedback:

“The course was very entertaining and practice-oriented. Clear recommendation"


"It was very factual and very informative, and we were able to implement everything directly. Really great! Thanks!"

Irina Pruss, dentist

Invitation to the nitrous oxide congress in Koblenz

After the successful premiere of the 1st German Nitrous oxide-Congress took place, there will be another congress in Koblenz this year. In September 2020 there will be another opportunity to participate in this congress. At this event you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other users of nitrous oxide in the dental field.

With nitrous oxide sedation you are doing pioneering work, because treatment with nitrous oxide is not widespread in Germany. In the USA, nitrous oxide sedation has long been part of everyday treatment. Our neighboring countries have also found this very appealing.

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