Practice marketing for dentists

Marketing concepts for the dental practice

Practice marketing for dentists

The right design and application of marketing

Marketing has long been nothing new and has been used in a targeted manner for many decades to convey the identity of one's own practice to the outside world, to create recognition value and to stand out from the competition. All measures that are used to present the dental practice and make it attractive are called marketing measures. But how do you start planning your own practice marketing, what do you have to consider and which steps follow one another?

First of all, it is important that you define your own personal marketing goals that are tailored to your practice. 

  • What marketing measures do you use to achieve your goals? Would you like to work with social media, website or a newsletter?
  • Which target group do you want to reach? Do you specialize in a certain target group? Then your marketing measures should be tailored to precisely this target group.
  • What's your budget? Before you start implementing your marketing, you should definitely set a budget that you are willing to invest to achieve your goals. The analysis of your costs and the resulting benefit from the measures gives you feedback on how successful your measures are, what the reactions of your target group are and whether you need to make any changes.
  • What design would you like for your practice? The creation and definition of a design is crucial for the presentation of your practice and the recognition value. A corporate identity describes, for example, the colors and font you use to present yourself to the outside world and the way you address your patients. 

You should consider these and many other marketing mix instruments in order to achieve your personal marketing goals and maximize the success of your practice. 

Why it is no longer possible without marketing

Before patients get an appointment with a doctor, first look in various media to see if they can find information about the respective practice. You look at the pictures, videos and graphics and first get a very personal picture of the practice. Many patients read reviews from strangers who publish feedback on their own stay in the practice on the Internet. The practice homepage is examined closely and checked for structure, simplicity and appearance. What do all these patient activities mean for you and your practice? Social media, a YouTube channel and a simple homepage with the most important information are indispensable nowadays! It is therefore important for your practice to use the media to convey your identity to the outside world and to present the practice as attractively and appealingly as possible to patients. The unlimited selection of doctors and practices makes it difficult for potential patients to make the right decision and choose a doctor. You therefore attach great importance to the presentation of the dental practice to the outside world and make your decision dependent on this.

Use marketing properly

Are you wondering how to use marketing ideally for your practice? The possibilities for this are unlimited. You should make the marketing tools used dependent on your target group. How can you best reach the respective target group? Which advertising material would you like to use to promote your practice? It is advisable to use a variety of advertising media. In this way you increase the reach and provide your patients with a selection of media through which they can learn something about the dental practice, the offer and the team. 

Where does marketing begin and where does it end?

Practice marketing is not just limited to designing a practice logo and creating a website. Once you have determined the corporate identity of your practice, you can adjust the entire design of your practice accordingly. Build the logo colors into your practice, use the same font on your homepage, the lettering of the practice rooms and the appointment cards for your patients. A consistent marketing concept for your dental practice ensures recognition value and ensures that the practice is remembered by your patients through visual stimuli. You create a feel-good atmosphere for the patients. 

Advertising material from Baldus Sedation

Baldus Sedation supports you in planning and implementing your practice marketing. We have a selection of advertising materials that we would be happy to provide you with and tailor to your practice. 

  • High quality Oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer in an individual design
  • Various patient flyers
  • Video material for your waiting room
  • Decorative acrylic glasses to present the double nose masks
  • Quality footage
  • comic buttons
  • comic stickers
  • kids coloring book
  • Plush Strawberry

Everything about our marketing packages can be found at ​

The Baldus Marketing Support

The Baldus Sedation Marketing Support will actively support you in the correct planning and implementation of your practice marketing. We provide your practice with a variety of advertising materials to promote your offer. Our high-quality image, video and print material is always ready for use on your website, flyers and social media channels.

The 2nd German Nitrous oxide-Congress - everything about "Practice Marketing"

There are many factors that should be considered for the correct application and implementation of practice marketing for dentists. You can find out which advertising material you should use to advertise your practice and address patients in an exciting presentation by Fabian Baldus at this year's 2nd German Nitrous oxide-Conference on June 11, 2022 in Koblenz. The purpose of the dental training is to inform you about the latest techniques in dentistry and the application of the Nitrous oxide sedation informed about your dental treatments. In addition to many interesting lectures by our well-known speakers from various medical fields, the interdisciplinary exchange between colleagues is the focus of the event. An industrial exhibition has many new products and services from various manufacturers ready for you and your practice team. We'll show you why integrating the Nitrous oxide sedation will change your everyday life, represents a great benefit for you, your team and your patients and what role your individual practice marketing plays. With 8 advanced training points, the congress increases the knowledge of your dental staff, the qualifications of your employees and expands the range of services in your dental practice. Use the team event to train the team in your practice and get them excited about the latest techniques in dentistry. 

All information about the advanced training event for dentists can be found here

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