Nitrous oxide certification in 2023 - how to become a nitrous oxide user

Nitrous oxide certification in 2024

Nitrous oxide certification for dentists - How to become a nitrous oxide user

Have you ever thought about this? Nitrous oxide in the dental practice, but still have unanswered questions? Our guidebook article will give you a first overview.  

First of all, the question arises as to how Nitrous oxide can be optimally integrated into your practice rooms. In principle, no special spatial requirements are necessary for nitrous oxide sedation. The mobile mixer units can be easily integrated into the daily practice routine. The acquisition costs for the nitrous oxide sedation equipment are manageable and you can obtain the necessary nitrous oxide certification in a In-House Training with your entire practice team, or on one of the numerous Courses of our n2o academy. 

Let's go through step by step how to include laughing gas sedation in your service portfolio.  

The first step is an initial telephone call with one of our Baldus experts. Our employees will inform you in detail about the topic Laughing gas sedation in practice. In conversation we explain the advantages of the inhalation sedation, point out the possibilities for your practice and answer your questions. The integration of the sedation method into the daily treatment routine, the advantages in the field of marketing and a cost-benefit calculation can also be discussed with the Baldus expert. If laughing gas sedation sounds interesting to you, the next thing on your to-do list should be to qualify your staff for laughing gas sedation.  

Certification of laughing gas sedation

Certification of laughing gas sedation

With our own Baldus Sedation n2o academy we offer you the opportunity to attend a certification course for laughing gas sedation. We recommend that, in addition to the attending dentist, the dental assistants also take part in the course. In this way, the dentist can Sedation with nitrous oxide rely on trained staff and qualified assistance. 

The n2o Academy offers the Nitrous Oxide Certification for the Sedation with nitrous oxide according to the guidelines of the Council of European Dentists (CED for short). The CED represents over 330,000 dentists across Europe and promotes the highest standards in dentistry and dental care. In doing so, the Council addresses current and future challenges, which include a relaxed approach to patients' pain and anxiety. 

Against this background, the guideline on the use of nitrous oxide as a sedation method was developed, which, among other things, provides for comprehensive training and certification of users. The guideline states, among other things, as follows:

"Dealing with pain and anxiety is of paramount importance in dentistry. No less than 10 to 30 % of adults and children have some form of fear of dental treatment. There is strong evidence that these patients benefit from sedation with nitrous oxide (N2O) and this type of sedation is extremely safe and efficient in the hands of the experienced dentist.

Due to the fact that the use of moderate sedation with N2O by dentists in dental practice has encountered certain legal problems in some European countries, the CED, with the help of some experts in the field, has decided to draft this resolution in order to emphasise the benefits, safety and appropriateness of the use of N2O in dental practice and to advocate that such a tool remain in the hands of the practising dentist and can be used by trained and certified dentists under certain conditions..." 

The complete CED resolution is available here for download. Download ready

Nitrous oxide certification - the course

The courses of the n2o Academy are offered as a combination of E-learning and face-to-face event. At E-learning-course, you will receive an introduction to laughing gas sedation and a first insight into the world of inhalation sedation. The topics are divided into 5 chapters and usually last 3 hours. As in an online course, you are free to organise your time and are not geographically bound for the e-learning. In addition, you will receive access to an extensive research source on the topic of laughing gas sedation and can download reports from specialist magazines and/or studies on the topic.  

Chapter 1 - The history of nitrous oxide, types of treatment, paediatric dentistry, benefits for dentist and patient. 

In the first chapter of the nitrous oxide certification, we will first give you a brief introduction to the topic of nitrous oxide sedation. In addition to the history of laughing gas, also called nitrous oxide (n2o), we discuss its properties. Another focus is on the advantages of laughing gas sedation for dentists and patients, which are discussed in detail. Finally, we introduce the topic of paediatric dentistry.  Please watch our video on this:  


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Chapter 2 - indication, contraindication and pharmacology 

One of the most important topics of this e-learning is the indications and contraindications of laughing gas sedation, which are explained in chapter 2. 

Furthermore, reference is made to the pharmacologyThe following sections explain how nitrous oxide works in comparison to other sedation methods and the side effects of nitrous oxide sedation. To the Indications and contraindications we also have an interesting Blog post created.

Chapter 3 - Sedation procedure and products 

In chapter 3 you will learn the practical part of laughing gas sedation and which products you need for it. After an introduction to the procedure of laughing gas sedation, you will be shown the knowledge you have learned by means of a video of a live sedation.  


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We will then present the necessary products and how they work. 

In this way, the Baldus Analog, the Baldus Touch - the German Innovation Award Winner 2019 - the double-nose mask system, the Vacuum Control Block and the Pressure reducer is dealt with. Furthermore, the handling of oxygen and nitrous oxide cylinders is explained and everything necessary for maintenance is explained. 

Chapter 4 - Finances and legal basis 

in the 4th chapter the financial aspects of laughing gas sedation and the legal basis are explained. The topic of billing for laughing gas sedation for patients with health insurance and private patients is addressed and a profitability calculation is presented. 

In addition, the prerequisites for laughing gas sedation, the duty to inform, the duty to document and the insurance for your dental practice are reported. 

Chapter 5 - Marketing 

In chapter 5, we introduce you to the connection between laughing gas sedation and marketing. We offer you a complete package with great opportunities to market laughing gas sedation in your practice and to raise the profile of your practice. 

This includes our unique scented masks, as well as an LED board to present the masks in an appealing way. Posters, flyers and roll-ups help you to inform patients about your offer. These and other marketing skills are part of the last chapter. 

After the e-learning, you can take an online exam to test your knowledge. What happens next with the nitrous oxide certification?

The Certification Course - Part II

Through the e-learning you have created a good basis to continue with the next step, the face-to-face teaching. This is absolutely necessary according to the CED guidelines. You can also find a course near you conveniently online book with us.  

During the classroom course, the content from the e-learning is repeated and your open questions from the e-learning course are answered. In addition to the theoretical part, the course is further divided as follows:  

  • equipment and technology 
  • Technical briefing on your new device according to MPF 
  • Technical briefing on your new device according to MPF 
  • Indoor air limit and compliance  
  • Emergencies and immediate life-saving measures
  • AED training  
  • Role play and practical application
  • Practical tips from the professional  
  • Marketing for your practice  
  • Final exam and certificate handover  

In addition to theory, the main focus is on the handling of the equipment and corresponding practical exercises are carried out.  

Of course, you have the opportunity to discuss your open questions with an expert at any time. 

After a successful examination and certification as a Laughing gas specialists we would like to work with you to equip your practice with the necessary equipment.  

Setting up laughing gas sedation in the practice

To get started with nitrous oxide sedation, you first need a nitrous oxide mixer. Here we offer the innovative Baldus Touch and the Baldus Analog 2 unit types. The following accessories are then required:  

In the Baldus Starter Pack for the Baldus Touch and the Baldus Analog you have all the necessary equipment together and also receive a small marketing package so that the start can be successful. 

Your Baldus expert will personally deliver your device to the practice, help you place it correctly and give the practice staff a briefing on its handling.

And if you are still not sure and would like to experience a nitrous oxide device live, then arrange a personal demonstration appointment at your practice. Feel free to ask us for your personal meeting.

What happens after the purchase?

Once your practice is equipped and you have successfully integrated laughing gas sedation into your daily practice routine, the Baldus Sedation team will continue to be available to you at any time.  

We are sure that you will enjoy the Baldus nitrous oxide mixer for a long time. We carry out the necessary regular maintenance (directly on site or at our headquarters) professionally. Spare parts, accessories and the Gas delivery you also receive from a single source with our 360 degree premium service. 

Include laughing gas sedation in the service portfolio of your practice. As specialists, we will support you right from the start.  

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Many interesting videos on laughing gas sedation can be found on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on our website, or the Baldus Expert Chat here on  

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