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Dental nitrous oxide sedation

Dental nitrous oxide sedation

No fear of laughing gas! The German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine estimates that up to 61% the population Fear of the dentist to have. walk away 20% as highly anxious and up to 10% avoid due to anxiety disorders the dentist completely.*

We have the solution for you and your patients: Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide - Suitable for all ages. your patient loses his fears and enjoy a relaxed treatment. The calm treatment atmosphere improves your workflow, so you can treat more concentrated and also increase yours Profit.

Your advantages as a practitioner

pain reduction 20% nitrous oxide has the same analgesic potency as 15 mg morphine sc. 

Gentle reassuranceNo anesthesia – the patient is always fully conscious and cooperative.

Minimized swallowing and gagging –  Reduced swallowing reflex and gag reflex enable faster and more comfortable treatment.

Efficiency and cost savings –  A fearless, cooperative patient can be treated much more efficiently.

titration –  Optimal sedation through individual nitrous oxide admixture

Almost no risks – n2o is the sedative with the fewest side effects.

No aftermath – Gentle sedation method. No metabolism (<0.1%). Discharge takes place within a few minutes. Ability to drive after approx. 15 minutes.

million patients – Millions of patients worldwide have been treated with laughing gas and have overcome fears of the dentist. Almost everyone would choose nitrous oxide again. 

marketing and services  – You can make nitrous oxide the unique selling proposition of your practice!

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*Source: Müller, Ingrid: Fear eats up teeth. In: Focus Health September/October 2015

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