In-house nitrous oxide training exclusively in your practice.

The nitrous oxide training at your time, in your practice with your team!

We offer exclusive in-house training courses on nitrous oxide sedation beyond the borders of Germany in German and English. Would you like to train several employees in your practice? We make it possible! In the theoretical part, you will learn the basics of nitrous oxide sedation, which you can implement directly in practical exercises. 

41 in-house training courses in 2019 alone

Advantages of your individual in-house training - in your practice with all employees

  • Gives you the opportunity to gain confidence in nitrous oxide sedation in a familiar and pleasant environment and to have any questions answered 
  • No complicated journey, since the training takes place in your own practice rooms 
  • Laughing gas means team spirit! Get to know and love nitrous oxide sedation together as a team. This motivates your entire team to participate and promotes success in your practice. Because there is no more authentic advertising than your own employees!

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    • Fair pricing
    • Participation up to 20 people
    • Duration: 1 day (up to 10 hours)
    • Training in German and English

    Course information: 

    • In-house certification in your practice rooms
      1 day / 10 hours according to CED decision 03/2012
    • Participation up to 20 people (also different practices) possible
    • Appointments by appointment

    Course content: 

    • History of nitrous oxide
    • pharmacology
    • Indications and contraindications
    • Device science and technology
    • Technical instruction in your new device according to MPG
    • Use of sedation in practice
    • Indoor air limit values & their compliance
    • Emergencies & life-saving emergency measures
    • AED training
    • Role play and practical application
    • Practical tips from the professional
    • Final exam and certificate delivery

    Simply great from start to finish

    great speakers, great premises, good group size, great support

    Dr. Charlotte Pfeifer , Dentist

    Innovative, customer-friendly, relaxed

    The company makes a very solid impression. Innovative, try very hard. Good organization, relaxed atmosphere of the seminar, customer-friendly!

    Anonymous from feedback sheet , Dentist

    10 out of 10

    super competent and clear, 10/10

    Anonymous from feedback blocks , Dentist

    Great atmosphere for knowledge transfer

    Transfer of specialist knowledge in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere

    Dr. Schubert , Dentist

    Best course!

    Everything was explained perfectly. All questions have been answered. There was no boredom. Best course!

    Anonymous from feedback sheet , ZFA

    In-house training - clear recommendation!

    Through the certification in your own practice, well informed, the entire team is involved, ready to go!

    Dr. Martin Becker , Dentist

    Informative and practical

    Dedicated training staff, informative event, practical

    N. Hendricks , Dentist

    Definite recommendation of the training

    A very helpful and competent course. I will be happy to recommend the training. The devices and equipment are very high quality.

    Anonymous from feedback sheet , Dentist

    Everything perfect!

    Everything was explained in an understandable manner, very nice advice and we were treated very well. Everything perfect!

    A. Cohaus , ZFA

    Very interesting training

    It was a very interesting training. Theory and practice were a lot of fun. Very competent speaker.

    Anonymous from feedback sheet , ZFA

    Outstanding practical knowledge!

    Outstanding practical knowledge! Responded to every question and gigantic well prepared! Top!

    Anonymous from feedback sheet , Dentist

    Direct implementation in practice

    It was very factual and very informative, we could also implement everything directly. Really great! Thank you!

    Irina Pruss , Dentist

    Very good communication of the course content

    Very good communication of the course content; good practical exercises, afterwards you feel safe to carry out a nitrous oxide treatment.

    Anonymous from feedback sheet , Dentist

    Your speakers at the n2o Academy

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    Fabian Baldus

    owner and manager

    Fabian Baldus
    ZA David Bertram
    Dr. Sandra Herbrig
    Dr. Hans-Jörg Lutz
    Dr. Philipp Habermann

    Best advice and best service

    Annika Mehmeti
    Sales Coordinator

    0261/ 96 38 926-13

    Judith Mahr
    distribution n2o academy
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