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Groundbreaking: We start building our new company headquarters

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of our new company headquarters has begun! This event was celebrated with Mr. Kessler, Mayor of Bendorf, as well as with Bendorf Business Development under Werner Prümm and Mr. Berhausen, Susanne Rausch-Preßler and Luca Lichtenthalter (FDP District Executive Mayen-Koblenz), Herbert Speyerer, Günther Bomm (Bendorf City Council), Karl- Otto Hahn and Karin Planck-Dietz (FDP Bendorf) celebrated with sparkling wine and small snacks. An incredible milestone for Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH!

Of course, the management and the builders Lisa and Fabian Baldus as well as other employees of our company were also on site. The construction company Mertgen was commissioned to build the new company headquarters in Bendorf. Now the first cranes have already been set up and the first excavators are already getting started. The starting shot has been fired!

The groundbreaking in Bendorf

The ground-breaking ceremony took place on Friday 13 March 2020 at 4 pm at Langfuhr 32 in Bendorf. In future, our products will be manufactured at the new headquarters. This involves products for nitrous oxide sedation and accessories for centralised medical gas supply systems. These products will be distributed from Bendorf all over the world.

The area covers over 4,700 m² with an office area of 900 m² and 570 m² of production and hall space. Our family company is investing a total of 2.7 million euros in the location for this project. A sustainable design concept was particularly important, which is why the rooms are always kept in a highly modern and timeless industrial style.

Furthermore, value was placed on generous room areas, because as the managing director Fabian Baldus already did at the announcement mentioned, it's about full potential development: "Those who have space can also develop" and also explained: "and of course space to promote and implement the variety of new ideas for the further development of products and services".

Who is Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH?

Our family-owned company operates worldwide and has been recognised as one of FOCUS's Top SME Employers 2019 and 2020. Our mission is to revolutionise dental nitrous oxide sedation. We attach great importance to uncompromising quality! Every one of our customers can rely on it.

However, Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH does not only offer advanced products in nitrous oxide sedation, but also in medical gas supply systems, which also represent the origin of the company. The company was founded in 1993 by Ulrich and Marita Baldus with a focus on medical gas systems.

The added value of our products for dental nitrous oxide sedation

With our products, we ensure that dental treatments can be carried out more comfortably and quickly for patients and the treatment team. The patient primarily benefits from maximum comfort, because there are no uncomfortable pressure points and free breathing is also guaranteed by the Baldus double mask scavenger system.

The treatment team benefits from efficient gas suction, although the team does not have to use it themselves Nitrous oxide inhaled. The low indoor air contamination is hardly noticeable, this is often different with other products on the market. However, this is not only guaranteed by an intelligent system, but also by a perfect fit of the mask on the patient and an optimal seal.

With our Baldus products, which are both developed and manufactured in Germany, we offer considerable added value for the practice team as well as for the patient — worldwide!

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