Great appeal in pediatric dentistry

Children are often very anxious about dental treatment. For this reason, the Nitrous oxide sedation very popular in pediatric dentistry.

According to a BuKiZ survey in 2009, 25% pediatric dentists in Germany were already using the Nitrous oxide sedation in their practices, a further increase can be noted*.

Children who are unwilling to cooperate and who are extremely afraid of dental treatment can usually only do so under general anesthetic be treated. This risky method is not an optimal solution. Nitrous oxide sedation, on the other hand, is very easy to control, can be implemented without great effort and the risk of undesirable side effects is low. The treatment process is largely stress-free for both the child and the dentist. The children can go home with their parents immediately after the treatment.

In addition, the children learn Nitrous oxide a positive therapeutic effect. The behavior of the children is thus positively influenced. The small patients behave cooperatively and can experience a relaxed treatment, which also benefits the treatment team.

Without fear, follow-up appointments and check-ups at the dentist become everyday visits.

* Esch J. anxiolysis and Sedation With Nitrous oxide in pediatric dentistry. Quintessence 2009; 10: 2015-2023.

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