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Today's blog post is all about the topic of Gas delivery servicethe order process and helpful tips for your practice. By the way, as Only provider of laughing gas sedation systems in Germany we offer a medical gas delivery service as part of our 360 Degree Premium Service.

Since August 2015, we have had a so-called wholesale permit for medical gases. This permit covers the trade with Nitrous oxidemedical oxygen and medical air. But now for the details of the gas delivery service.

Gas delivery service: How can I order gas?

As medical gases are a medicinal product, orders for gases can only be placed in writing. This can preferably be done via our online shop, by e-mail or by fax. We also support you with a prefabricated order form, which you can find here can download.

We are not allowed to accept orders by telephone, as each of your orders must be verified by us.

How many gas cylinders can I order and how does the delivery and return work?

You can order as little as one gas bottle without any problems. For each bottle you order, you should return one bottle. The bottle delivery is a rental model, so that an "exchange" takes place. If we receive your order by 12 noon, we will ship on the same day.

As a rule, you will receive the new gas cylinders delivered to your practice within 2 days by our parcel service. When you unpack your gas cylinders from the box, the return labels for your empties are already inside. The pick-up date (1-3 working days after delivery, so-called "pick-up date") is also noted on these return labels. For the empties, please use the cartons in which the full goods were delivered. The return label goes on the box and please remove the green-yellow hazardous goods label from the box before collection by the shipping service provider.

When the driver arrives, please have the "Detailed Manifest" signed. Please give the other document to the driver. Please keep the document signed by the driver at least until you have received the invoice for this order. 

This is important!

As life goes, things can always go wrong. If a return is lost, you can use the document to prove that you handed over the bottle. So please do not forget to keep the document safe.

If it is not possible for you to collect the parcel, or if the parcel service provider does not arrive at the agreed time, please inform us as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail ( so that we can arrange a new appointment for you. You can continue to use your shipping documents for the new appointment.

How many gas cylinders should be in the practice?

There is no general answer to this, but based on our experience we recommend 3 cylinders of oxygen and 2 cylinders of Nitrous oxide for a dental practice. If you want to start with fewer bottles, or if you have fewer bottles in your practice, you can add to or adjust the original contract as needed at any time.

There is a very clear advantage here with the shipping costs! Because the cost of shipping hazmat is high, the larger gas backup is worth it in your practice. By always ordering two cylinders when needed, you receive a shipping discount of 46% per transport route. Mathematically, the additional rental costs for the cylinders are quickly amortised.

Lier Transfer Service Medical Gases

Basically, it is important to always check the fill level of the bottles before a treatment. It is not advisable to change the bottles during a treatment. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Changing the bottles interrupts the Sedation of the patient and you will have to readjust the patient.

  • When changing the nitrous oxide cylinder You must make sure that the seal between the Pressure reducer and the bottle. Nitrous oxide can diffuse into cavities and expand the seal. If you change the bottle too quickly, the seal will not be able to contract again, causing damage.

Before placing a new order due to supposedly empty cylinders, please make sure that the cylinders are actually empty. Checking the fill level varies depending on whether it is oxygen or nitrous oxide:

  • With oxygen, it's simple. A full bottle shows on the Pressure reducer 200 bar and the display decreases continuously until the bottle is empty - similar to the fuel gauge in a car.
  • With nitrous oxide it is a little more complicated. You should remember that a nitrous oxide cylinder normally lasts as long as two oxygen cylinders. The display of the pressure reducer has no significance for the time being, as nitrous oxide is a LPG is. A full bottle shows 50 bar, and even a half-full bottle still shows 50 bar. Only when there is so little gas in the bottle that it changes from a liquid to a gaseous state does the pressure reducer show the correct pressure. Therefore, a reading below 50 bar is only relevant then.

However, there is a reliable method to determine the fill level of the bottle at any time, namely weighing. All you need is a standard bathroom scale. Each bottle has the TARA weight (empty weight) stamped on it, which is between 11 and 14 kg. A nitrous oxide filling weighs 7.5 kg. You can use these values to calculate the fill level at any time.

Example: If the cylinder weighs 17 kg and the TARE weight is 12 kg, there is still 5 kg or 66.67% of gas in the cylinder.

We hope that this information about our gas delivery service is useful to you. If you have any further questions, you can contact our employee Mr Tanke directly at 0261/9638926-81 or by e-mail at turn.

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Many interesting videos on the Nitrous oxide sedation is available on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on our website, or the Baldus Expert Chat here on  

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