FDP parliamentary group RLP visits Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH

URBAR. On Thursday, June 28, 2018, the 3rd day of the FDP summer tour, further company visits to the Koblenz area were on the agenda. Not every company receives the honor of visiting the entire liberal parliamentary faction, which is why the family business Baldus Medizintechnik, with the managing director Fabian Baldus, was more than proud to be able to present the company with its employees, the company philosophy and products with the latest innovations from the FDP group.

In the early afternoon, the governing FDP politicians arrived on the company premises in the slightly outside industrial area "Auf dem Schafstall" in Urbar when the sun was shining. Owner and managing director Fabian Baldus and the company's leading employees welcomed the FDP delegation around Minister of Justice Herbert Mertin and Group Chairman Cornelia Willius-Senzer. The round was enlarged by further regional representatives of the FDP. Susanne Rausch-Preißler, chairwoman of the FDP district association Mayen-Koblenz with her representative Luca Lichtenthäler, who comes from Vallendar, immediately also the representative of the Julis in Rhineland-Palatinate, and from the local politics the city and association council members Karin and Gerhard Gareis and Herbert Speyerer as FDP councilors from Bendorf completed the introductory round.

After a first refreshment, the presentation of the company Baldus Medizintechnik by Fabian Baldus followed. A total of 23 people took a seat in the conference room. The company's history is quite exciting. In 2007 Fabian Baldus joined the company with 3 employees. Today the company presents itself with 25 employees and a turnover that has increased sevenfold and continues to grow steadily.

In 2008, in addition to the main business area "medical technology gas supply systems", which currently extends to over 60 hospitals and 450 outpatient operating centers in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland, another business area was opened, the sale of nitrous oxide sedation systems for dentists. The products of the former US market leader were sold until 2016. Fabian Baldus has tried since the beginning to convince the Americans of his suggestions for improvement and ideas for optimizing the products, but unfortunately he always received the same answer: “Why? It works in the USA! ”. Fabian Baldus' answer was clear and consistent: "What does it matter to us in Germany whether it works in the USA!". For this reason, Fabian Baldus and his wife Lisa Baldus decided to manufacture their own nitrous oxide sedation systems. This marked the start of a harrowing phase of research and development in the company. The ISO certification according to ISO 13485 was expanded, technical documentation was created and various studies were carried out in medical practices, clinics and test laboratories. As a result, all medical products from Baldus Medizintechnik have been clinically tested. For example, microbiological tests with appropriate sterilization processes and software validation of the software architecture were carried out. The entire nitrous oxide sedation project was financed from the company's chash flow. "I invested almost everything we deserved in this project because I simply believe in the success!" Said company boss Fabian Baldus. “The realization of such projects shows me again that it was exactly the right decision to join the family business. There are, of course, downsides too, so we struggle every day with increasingly stringent regulations in the area of the Medical Devices Act. Our literature research alone shows an unbelievable number of more than 274 studies. ”But not only from this side, also from the VG administration Vallendar and the mayor from Urbar some are put in the way. “In the entire municipality of Vallendar, private households have a fast internet connection. We, as a globally operating company, only have 3 Mbit / s, which to this day is simply not comprehensible to us. ”When this problem was mentioned, the people present were amazed. "Especially the FDP parliamentary group in the state parliament, but also in the Bundestag, is campaigning for the digitization of Germany so that companies are not further slowed down," said group leader Willius-Senzer. Even Mr. Gareis from the City Council of Vallendar was not aware of this grievance to this extent and would like to address it in the VG. Fabian Baldus also mentioned that the expansion of the location in Urbar does not seem to be of interest to the responsible mayors for Urbar. In 2014, interest was already expressed in an adjacent property for company expansion, since an expansion of the company is inevitable in the next few years. Unfortunately, the success has so far failed to materialize since the property has since been sold elsewhere. This narrow-minded behavior of those responsible in the VG-Vallendar could only be commented on by ministers and MPs with a shake of the head. "So our decision was made, we leave VG-Vallendar with a heavy heart and set up our new location in Bendorf," continues Fabian Baldus. The commitment of the FDP council member, Mr. Speyerer, must be commended. He informed Mr. Baldus about the new business park in Bendorf at exactly the right moment. The new location "In der Langfuhr" offers the most modern infrastructure and a quick connection to the federal road and motorway network. Fabian Baldus was immediately impressed by this concept of Bendorf's business development agency.

The politicians were particularly informed about the systems of nitrous oxide sedation. Everyone can of course identify with the discomfort or even fear of the dentist. The interest was correspondingly high and Mr. Baldus was able to answer many questions about nitrous oxide sedation: "Many people knew laughing gas from their childhood back then, today the devices from us are the generation after next". The Baldus company has had a US patent since last week. “With the Baldus Touch, we are the first company worldwide to offer nitrous oxide sedation that is controlled via a touchscreen. We are also the only company outside the United States that manufactures a complete system with a double-nose mask and mixer unit. ” The Baldus company has been selling the devices internationally for a year and thanks to the Rhineland-Palatinate business promotion, was able to take part in international dental fairs in Dubai, Copenhagen and London. "Our devices were sold to 25 countries worldwide within a year, especially in Australia, things are going really well," says Fabian Baldus proudly.

One focus was the current refugee policy and the immigration work carried out by Baldus Medizintechnik. In conversation with the FDP representatives, Mr. Baldus introduces one of his employees who has been a full member of the company for one and a half years. The special thing is that he is one of three employees who came from Syria as refugees. The representatives of liberal politics applauded when they heard about this social commitment. Baldus Medizintechnik shows that with a little patience and one or the other language barrier, skilled workers from other cultures can be successfully integrated into a German company.

The FDP received further company insights on a tour of the Baldus premises. This gave the opportunity to talk to employees who spoke proudly about their own projects and work areas. There was also a lively exchange with Marco Weber, parliamentary director and Fabian Baldus. Marco Weber, himself an entrepreneur from the Eifel region, asked many questions and at the same time passed on good tips.

At the end of the visit, Justice Minister Mertin and Group Chairman Willius-Senzer thanked on behalf of all MEPs for the warm welcome and presentation of the company's activities. At the beginning, nobody expected that Baldus Medical Technology was a traditional and at the same time innovative company that would operate out of the small town near Koblenz worldwide.

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