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Nitrous oxide? What is that?

Nitrous oxide is one of the oldest and best researched methods Sedation. The gentle method of dental treatment with few side effects Sedation has a high safety profile thanks to decades of use. A mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is inhaled by the patient through a comfortable and custom-fit nasal mask. After just a few breaths, the calming effect of the sedative kicks in. For the patient, the onset of action is expressed as a feeling of warmth and calm. Patients remain responsive during treatment with nitrous oxide, can communicate with you and give you feedback on their well-being. The dosage of the gas is individually tailored to the patient and can be varied at any time. Laughing gas is non-toxic and leaves the body immediately after treatment, so patients do not have to reckon with any after-effects.

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What added value does nitrous oxide sedation represent for my practice?

Are you now wondering how you can use nitrous oxide sedation in your practice?                  

You can use the many advantages of dental sedation with nitrous oxide to make your new practice unique and different from other dental practices. the inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide represents a large benefit for all patients and for you as the practitioner. You have the opportunity to treat both your anxious patients and patients with a pronounced swallowing reflex or gag reflex a gentle calming method to offer and thus the treatment for you and your patients facilitate. With nitrous oxide sedation, you offer your patients a further sedation procedure at, expand your offer and can treat patients on their own without you having to go to one anesthesia- Transfer practice. Thanks to nitrous oxide sedation, your patients can relaxed appear for treatment and leave your practice just as relaxed after the appointment, without worrying about after-effects. The nitrous oxide sedation prevents interruptions during dental treatment in front and shortened thus the treatment time of each patient clearly, giving you time to treat other patients. 

  • Extended range of sedations
  • High patient acceptance
  • Relaxed work
  • Definite sales increase

How to use nitrous oxide as a marketing tool?

To get your patients on the inhalation sedation With nitrous oxide and to stimulate interest in the most researched sedation method, you can use the many different marketing packages from Baldus Sedation. Whether an appealing presentation of the colorful disposable double nose masks using the high-quality acrylic glasses and LED boards or informative patient flyers, Baldus Sedation provides you with all the materials you need to promote safe sedation. We offer you the opportunity to personalize our mobile nitrous oxide mixers according to your practice design and to incorporate your logo into our materials. Use nitrous oxide sedation to give your patients worry-free treatment, create a feel-good atmosphere in your practice and achieve a dental wellness experience. 

  • Various marketing packages
  • Print, image and video material
  • Personalized devices & marketing material
  • Feel-good atmosphere in your practice

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More information?

You want more about them Nitrous oxide sedation experience and how you can use the method in your practice?

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