Everyone wants the Baldus® Touch!

The new favorite employee: Everyone wants the Baldus® Touch!

The Baldus® Touch has been available since summer 2017. The next generation of dental Nitrous oxide sedation is officially opened. New menu functions and system settings make the Baldus® Touch the most modern mixer unit on the dental nitrous oxide market. Baldus Medizintechnik has developed a patient favorite that can be integrated into any practice team without any objection.

Who doesn't dream of a perfect employee? With the Baldus® Touch you can come a little closer to this dream. He's smart, successful and handsome too. In fact he can Baldus Touch delivered a constant top performance. He doesn't need a break, let alone a vacation. Nothing and nobody can take away his good mood. Self-test mechanisms stand for unprecedented security. He is an absolute team player because he immediately fulfills all instructions will. The Baldus® Touch has proven to be the best buddy for many anxious patients and retching-Patient proven. It is a faithful companion that stores all the important patient sedation parameters.

Not convinced yet? the Nitrous oxide sedation Baldus® Touch relieves the practitioner and the entire practice team. Not only can treatment times be shortened thanks to the Baldus® Touch, but sales can also be boosted. The simple and logical way of thinking leads to uncomplicated communication between the user and the Baldus® Touch. In short, everyone will love the new employee.

You will receive detailed information on the Baldus® Touch and further training dates on nitrous oxide sedation here.

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