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Dentist search – The Baldus dentist finder

Dentist search with the Baldus Dentist Finder

How does the dentist search with the Baldus Dentist Finder work?

The Baldus Dentist finder is a directory of Baldus Sedation, especially for dentists. It shows which dentists are professional with the Nitrous oxide sedation work. With our Dentist Finder on the Baldus homepage, it is possible to search specifically for dentists: within the patient's personal circle. All nitrous oxide users trained and certified by us are listed in the search. Here you will find over 600 dental practices with the whereabouts of the dentist, just give us a call and you will receive all the information on the individual forms of treatment directly from the practice.

What advantages does the patient have?

With the Dentist Finder, patients have the opportunity to search for a dentist in their area who performs a nitrous oxide application.

There are a large number of people around the world who are considered anxious patients in medicine, which is why many dentists have specialized in the treatment of the fear of the dentist specialized. The use of Nitrous oxide by the dentist is also at strong swallowing and retching sensible.

In addition to their medical training, many dentists have already gained a wide range of experience in treating anxious patients. Some even take part in special training courses on the subject of dental fear to provide even better support for those affected - including the Nitrous oxide sedation.

What advantages does the dentist have?

With the help of the Dentist Finder, dentists have the opportunity to include their practice in the Baldus list. This also helps them to appear more often in Internet queries. By being listed with Baldus Sedation, patients can see straight away that the dentist they are looking for is also treatments with Nitrous oxide performs.

Would you like to be part of the Dentist Finder?

If you would like to be a part of the dentist finder, please register with us on the homepage. You can find the link to this on the Dentist Finder page under the “Send an entry” button. You are also welcome to contact us by telephone, we will be happy to help you and answer all your questions!

Where can I find the finder and how do I use it?

Open the home page of Baldus Sedation. By clicking on "Service" on the top bar of the website, a drop-down menu opens. Below you will find the “Dentist Finder” area. By entering the functions mentioned, you will automatically be taken to the Dentist Finder page.

Where can I find the Dentist Finder and how do I use it

Or click quickly and easily here

After opening the Dentist Finder page, patients can enter their address and use the Radius slider to specify a radius between 0 and 50 kilometers. When you open the finder for the first time, dental practices are displayed that are associated with the nitrous oxide method work. Click on the names of the dentists for more information.

All dentists are allowed to have one Nitrous oxide sedation execute?

Before a nitrous oxide application can take place, there is a corresponding basic requirement for the doctor and the team. According to the CED decision of 2012, a further training course of at least 10-12 hours must be completed. After receiving one certificate may nitrous oxide sedation be used in the practice without an anesthetist.

Where can I find the Dentist Finder

the N2O Academy for nitrous oxide certification

the N2O Academy by Baldus Sedation offers Germany-wide Certification courses for the Sedation with nitrous oxide as a combination E-learning and face-to-face event.

We would like to accommodate you, all dentists and dental specialists, in your time management and have therefore consciously decided to combine online and face-to-face courses. At the same time, we do not want to do without the practical exercises and personal contact for an intensive exchange about nitrous oxide sedation.

We offer you experienced speakers from different dental fields who will pass on their knowledge of dental nitrous oxide sedation to you. You can ask questions from colleagues to colleagues. And you get an authentic insight into everyday treatment with nitrous oxide sedation.

Are you interested in the certification course at our n2o Academy? Here we have them all course dates published for you. You can also find a lot of interesting information about the topic of nitrous oxide sedation on our website Youtube channel.

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