dental phobia

dental phobia

Dental phobia overcome fear

Dental phobia - overcome the fear

Dental treatment can be associated with more or less anxiety. Even a prophylaxis (preventive check-up) at the dentist triggers an uncomfortable feeling in some people. If it is also a surgical treatment, the mood of some patients even turns into panic fear, here one speaks of one dental phobia. Fear means that going to the dentist is delayed or avoided altogether. The result: health-endangering diseases, inflammation or tooth loss.

Where does the fear of the dentist come from?

Fear of the dentist can have many reasons. The cause often lies with the parents of the patients: internally, who already feel anxiety and fear of the dentist and pass this on to their children. the Dental phobia in parents usually goes back to a traumatic experience in her own childhood. Negative stories too third hand convince the anxious patients and confirm their fears before visiting the dentist. Such narratives, impressions and information, in turn, lead to the so-called fear of anticipation, patients expect pain or suffering to occur. Also the loss of control during treatment, which is a helpless situation for patients, is a difficulty for many.

You can also find interesting articles on the subject of dental phobia and fear of dentists on the internet. In an AWMF study in October 2019, the topic of fear of dental treatment in adults was described in detail and well. You can find the direct link to the long version of the study here.

Dentist Fear. How to overcome fear

How to overcome dental phobia?

In order to prevent the fear of visiting the dentist, even small actions can help to feel more comfortable. For example, communicating with family and friends. Anyone who talks about their own fear or phobia of the dentist will feel relieved after the conversation. That would be a first step in preparing for the upcoming visit to the dentist. In addition, the person of trust can be taken to the dentist's appointment. Patients no longer feel so alone.

However, before the dentist appointment or the preliminary discussion takes place, patients should be prepared for the appointment. This can be achieved by cleaning your teeth thoroughly every day at home. If the teeth are cared for, fewer dental interventions are imminent.

In addition, the treatment proves with Nitrous oxide real advantages. The safe and extremely effective patient sedation method of nitrous oxide sedation has already helped millions of people to overcome their fear of dental treatment and is part of everyday treatment in many countries.

The calming method for children and adults helps patients to overcome their fear of the dentist. Dentists familiar with nitrous oxide sedation address their patients' questions and concerns and help them overcome their fears. Before the treatment, the use of the nitrous oxide method is explained step by step. If the dentist acts with understanding, the patient's feeling of anxiety can be successfully taken from the inside. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time enables pain-free treatment.

How does laughing gas work?

Nitrous oxide transforms the fear of your patients: inside before the treatment in deep relaxation. The inhalation of laughing gas brings about inner peace, relaxes you and minimizes the sensation of pain and the urge to gag. Patients: inside who have been treated with nitrous oxide report one warm and comfortable feeling.

In addition to the short pre- and post-treatment, the patient is responsive and fully conscious throughout the treatment. The mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is inhaled by the patient through a comfortable and custom-fit nasal mask. The proportion of nitrous oxide is increased very slowly. Meanwhile, talk to your patients: inside and ask them how they are. When the individual dosage is reached, you will be able to give him the feedback that they feel good.

Nitrous oxide against dental phobia

Dentist phobia - The waiting room video helps.

We have created our waiting room video especially for you as a dentist. The optimal start for your patients with dental phobia. We are happy to provide you with these and other marketing materials at any time.


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Where is nitrous oxide sedation used in my area? We offer you one Dentist Finder on. This finder looks for dentists in your area who work professionally with nitrous oxide and are certified. The search will help you find specialized dentists that have experience with that demonstrate nitrous oxide sedation in their everyday work and know how to deal with anxious patients.

Nitrous oxide against dental fear in the practice

dr Lauenstein from Bremen sent us a link to an interview in 2021 in which he tells, among other things, how many anxious patients he has already helped with laughing gas. We think the video is very interesting. From minute 06:08 Dr. Lauenstein on the dental phobia in his practice. Just take a look!


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