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Laughing gas sedation makes a comeback

Eine komplexe Behandlung beim Zahnarzt wird mit Lachgassedierung oftmals als angenehmer und kürzer wahrgenommen.

Laughing gas is one of the safest, best-researched and oldest sedatives in the world - and has been used successfully in dental medicine for over 150 years. It is currently experiencing an unstoppable comeback in Germany.

In many countries, nitrous oxide sedation has long been part of everyday life at the dentist's: For example, around 90% of children's dentists in the USA use nitrous oxide every day. The German Society for Pediatric Dentistry e. V., DGKiZ for short, recommends the use of laughing gas in the treatment of children as trauma prevention.

In England and Scandinavia, nitrous oxide is used in almost every birth as a counterpart to spinal anesthesia. Dermatology has also been discovering the advantages for itself for some time, especially when treating children. Even adults benefit from treatment with laughing gas at the dentist: anxiolysis, gentle sedation, no companion necessary, no loss of control.

For the dentist himself, the offer of sedation with laughing gas - in addition to the unique selling point of the offer in the practice portfolio itself - brings both an increase in sales and a more relaxed treatment: The absolutely relaxed patient does not feel a gag reflex and the duration of the treatment is perceived as being longer or longer more complicated interventions are also possible. The swallowing reflex is also reduced.

Certification course at Baldus Sedation

According to the CED (Council of European Dentists) decision, a training course of at least 10 hours must be completed so that nitrous oxide sedation can be used in practice without an anesthetist.

Baldus Sedation, a specialist in dental nitrous oxide sedation (Urbar am Rhein), offers corresponding training courses in its own N2O academy: Certification courses are held by trained medical device advisors throughout Germany. In addition, a dentist and an anesthetist, who have been using this form of sedation for years and thus not only convey theory as best practice examples, but also give presentations from practice, give lectures at each training. In addition to an eight-hour face-to-face event, the academy offers future nitrous oxide users e-learning in order to organize the time management of the participants efficiently.

Everything from a single source for safe use

As a full-service provider for nitrous oxide sedation, Baldus Sedation not only offers advanced training courses, but also nitrous oxide systems "made in Germany", a gas delivery service as well as maintenance and technical service - all from a single source.

Analog, electric and semi-automated nitrous oxide devices are available. Some of the semi-automatic machines have a touchscreen operation, e.g. the digital oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer Baldus® Touch - according to the manufacturer, this is one of the world's first developments of its kind.

Modern nitrous oxide sedation devices from the Baldus portfolio have various safety mechanisms such as the Nitro-Lock (nitrous oxide lock) or the O2 flush button, which supplies pure oxygen directly. In addition, nitrous oxide systems are more compact, flexible and cheaper than many anesthesia machines.

All nitrous oxide mixers are CE-certified and enable easy and absolutely safe handling: The gas mixture can easily be adjusted individually, so that every patient is in an optimal state of calm.

Occupational safety through double mask system

For reasons of workplace safety, it makes sense to use double mask systems with a suction device close to the patient, as this is where the lowest level of indoor air contamination was measured. A recommendation for this was also made by the DGKiZ.

  • Bunt und mit Wohlfühldüften: damit sich Kinder bei einer Sedierung mitLachgas noch wohler fühlen.

For the mask systems, autoclavable nasal and disposable masks are available for adults and children. The latter are available in various feel-good fragrances such as vanilla, strawberry and bubble gum. The Baldus® The double mask system is very user-friendly, as the special shape of the double mask completely covers the nose. With this, Baldus Sedation implements the wishes of the users in an innovative and practical way in the area of workplace safety.

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