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The Baldus

Disposable double nasal masks 

Product novelty 2021

Baldus disposable double nasal masks in different fragrances

Ab: 100,00 

Offer your patients a pleasant visit to the dentist with our new, unmistakable Baldus® disposable double nasal masks - our recommendation for easy treatment with children! Our “Strawberry Delight” is an absolute hit with young patients! Adults love to enjoy the subtle scent "Blueberry Dance".

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Baldus autoclavable double nasal masks

Ab: 99,00 

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Double nose mask, inside mask, outside mask


Adult, Pediatric


Translucent silicone

Suitable for

Double nose mask systems from Baldus, Porter and Accutron, other systems on request

Baldus double-nose mask scavengers system

Ab: 550,00 

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with vacuum control block, without vacuum control block


Adult, Pedo

Baldus LED board

Ab: 350,00 

LED board with device for 3, 5 or 6 acrylic columns

Delivery does not include acrylic columns.

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3 LED board, 5 LED board, 6 LED board


3 Baldus LED board: approx. 52.5 x 21.5 x 4 cm, 5 Baldus LED board: approx. 65 x 21.5 x 4 cm, 6 Baldus LED board: approx. 100 x 21.5 x 4 cm, on request also available for 2-6 acrylic columns.

Power supply

230 V / 12V power supply unit


Standard delivery in matt white RAL 9010, other colors on request


When you exhale into the inner mask, a membrane opens and the exhaled air enters the outer mask. The suction in the outer mask is separated from the inner, so the patient can breathe in without further resistance. Because the outer mask has a depth similar to that of the inner mask, significantly more gas mixture is sucked out in the event of micro-leaks, which form between the patient's skin and the inner mask.

Job security

One of the most important factors when buying a nitrous oxide sedation system is choosing the right mask system. Because only with a perfectly fitting nasal mask and an efficient suction system can compliance with the guidelines according to TRGS-900 regarding indoor air contamination be guaranteed. In addition, effective work is made possible. The TRGS-900 states that in Germany the limit values of 100 PPM (parts per million) may only be exceeded for a very short period of time during nitrous oxide treatment. With good ventilation and patient compliance, nitrous oxide sedation can be used for up to 8 hours.

“It's easier, safer, faster and suddenly laughing gas is really fun!”

Dr. Breuer, Unterensingen

The Baldus scavenger system combines efficient suction performance with modern design. The soft masks adapt optimally to the nose and face shape of the patient. This high degree of accuracy of fit alone greatly reduces the indoor air contamination with nitrous oxide. In addition, the mask does not leave any uncomfortable pressure points on the patient. The complete system is autoclavable! Suitable for all common oxygen-nitrous oxide mixers.

  • More hygiene
  • More comfort
  • More safety

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