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Sustainability guidelines

We are convinced that sustainable action and the perception of ecological responsibility are particularly important.
Therefore, this point is also firmly embedded in our corporate values.
Baldus - Pillars of sustainability

sustainability For us, this is based on the three pillars of sustainability - Environment, Social and Economy. Therefore, sustainability for us is not only thought of in purely ecological terms, but we must also act in a socially and economically sustainable manner.
Inside the Company and Region we want to achieve an improvement within the social community as well as education and Taking responsibility.
Also the Environmental awareness We would like to strengthen and develop processes and products that move our company forward and yet still ecological justifiable are.

To this end, the following guiding principles apply to us

We involve all employees

Sustainability within the company is supported by all departments. For this reason, an internal sustainability commission was founded, which drives forward and implements projects. and implements them. In addition, all employees are given the opportunity to employees have the opportunity to get involved and submit suggestions for more for more sustainability in the company or to help with the implementation.

We are committed to comply with all laws and standards

We are committed to carefully observing all rules and standards that apply to us. standards that apply to us. Therefore, we are certified according to DIN ESO 13485 to demonstrate the best possible standards in medical technology. medical technology.

We plan with a sustainable background thought

Within our corporate values, we have set out to act in such a way that that future generations will also be able to live sustainably. generations can also live sustainably. To this end, we want to continuously processes and products and make them more efficient.

Continuing education as a core competence in the field of sustainability

In order to further educate ourselves in the area of sustainability, we take part with our participate in various courses, seminars and projects. projects. In this way, we want to expand our knowledge and pass it on to our and pass it on to our employees and corporate partners.

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