We take the dental revolution
Nitrous oxide sedation in the hand.

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Make nitrous oxide sedation the new standard

We will the Nitrous oxide sedation advance in Germany. For us it is the new gold standard - and a quantum leap for doctors, specialists and patients.

We research and improve, we work with universities, talk to dentists and patients. That is why we can rightly claim that we are the European leader.

Quality comes first

We have always set ourselves the goal excellent quality to deliver. The basis for this is our team of specialists.

We are a real one family business. Successful for more than 25 years! And every day anew eager to drive the future forward - gladly together with you.

Family business Baldus Bendorf
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100% customer satisfaction

Our mission is to make each of our customers 100 percent satisfied.

We like to go the extra mile and always go the extra mile when it comes to service and personal support.

In short: We offer everything you need to make more patients happy with nitrous oxide sedation. And in order to earn better money. We make nitrous oxide sedation successful in your practice.
Family business Baldus Bendorf

Our service promise: service to the doctor ... We love that

It's a good feeling when you competence and reliability has on his side. And you can help Baldus Sedation counting. Because we are a team of professionals. Everyone here knows what they are doing and why they are doing it. In other words: We work hand in hand and are happy to put our knowledge and experience at your service. With personal commitment and the right amount of down-to-earthness.

It goes without saying that we are there for you flexibly. In the event of problems, we act directly and will certainly help you further. We are happy to visit you on site, because we live the personal partnership with our customers. But don't worry, our medical product consultants won't waste your time, but create perspectives that will help you progress.

We do that

Service advice Baldus sedation

TOP advice

Are you wondering how nitrous oxide sedation can be integrated with you? We'll tell you. Ideally with a non-binding appointment in your practice.

Personal certification

Personal certification

In our n2o academy, we certify your practice within a very short time. We train you and your employees according to the guidelines of the Council of European Dentists Decision 2012. And show you what really matters.​

Service and maintenance Baldus sedation

Best maintenance

We developed the systems that we use ourselves. That is why we are the best partner in maintenance. You benefit from our knowledge and from the speed with which we ensure maximum security.

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Delivery with gas

We love everything from a single source. We are therefore happy to supply you with the right gas cylinders for nitrous oxide sedation. Scheduled for you, on time and safely. One call is all it takes - your warehouse is full again. Also with the right nose masks.

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