Central nitrous oxide plant
for your practice

Central nitrous oxide system / gas supply system - what is it?

A central gas supply system routes the medical gases to various tapping points in your practice and can be tapped from there.

You can access medical oxygen and nitrous oxide as needed at the corresponding withdrawal points in the practice rooms and perform nitrous oxide sedation.

You can conveniently set the proportion of oxygen and nitrous oxide via our mixing unit, Baldus Touch or Baldus Analog.

The system is space-saving and easy to operate. The annual maintenance of your central gas supply system is carried out by our Baldus service technicians after an appointment has been made.

nitrous oxide system
Advantages of a central nitrous oxide system

What are the advantages of a central nitrous oxide system in your practice?

State-of-the-art technology of the highest quality combined with..:

What you should consider before installing a nitrous oxide system:

You should consider these aspects before installing a central gas supply system in your practice:

Spatial conditions, space for the ZGA and the sampling points

Separate technical room

Certification by our n2o Academy

At least double room air exchange
per hour

Ideally, have the ZGA installed during the construction phase of the practice.

Safe transport route for the 50-litre gas cylinders

The Baldus performance promise


We will show you an example of the process for integrating the central gas supply system:

Best advice and best service for the central nitrous oxide system

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