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Bundestag meets Urbar: Sandra Weeser at Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH

URBAN. On Monday, August 20, 2018, Fabian Baldus, owner and managing director of the family company Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH, welcomed the FDP member of the Bundestag Sandra Weeser to the company headquarters in Urbar. At the end of June, the FDP parliamentary group of Rhineland-Palatinate stopped by the company as part of their summer tour.

Due to the visit of the parliamentary group leader Cornelia Willius-Senzer and members of parliament, Sandra Weeser, deputy leader of the FDP Rhineland-Palatinate, wanted to get to know the innovative family business personally. The round was enlarged by further regional representatives of the FDP: Susanne Rausch-Preißler, chairwoman of the district association Mayen-Koblenz with deputy Luca Lichtenthäler, who is also representative of the Julis in Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as Karin and Gerhard Gareis as council members of the city and VG Vallendar.

Sandra Weeser was very interested in the company philosophy and the entire company development. It started in 1993 with 3 employees, today the company has 25 employees and a turnover that has increased sevenfold. In addition, since the product development for dental nitrous oxide sedation, the Baldus company has been building up international sales. "Our devices were sold in 25 countries worldwide within a year, especially in Australia things are going really well," says Fabian Baldus proudly.

Sandra Weeser also focused on the products relating to Baldus' nitrous oxide sedation, since she too can identify with the feeling of being unwell in front of the dentist. The member of the Bundestag reported with pleasure about the colorful Baldus laughing gas masks, which she had already discovered before her visit in the offices of her colleagues in Mainz.

Another focal point was the current refugee policy and the immigration work done by Baldus Medizintechnik. Since Sandra Weeser is also very interested in the topic, she was more than enthusiastic about the social commitment that three employees came from Syria as refugees and were given permanent jobs at Baldus. This feedback from Ms. Weeser motivates Fabian Baldus to continue with his immigration work. "It takes a lot of patience, especially with regard to one or the other language barrier, but we still managed to successfully integrate skilled workers from other cultures into a German company," says Fabian Baldus.

Sandra Weeser is impressed that behind the family company Baldus Medizintechnik is a traditional and at the same time innovative company that operates worldwide from the small town near Koblenz. "It's great to see and makes me proud that companies as strong as Baldus Medizintechnik are represented in Rhineland-Palatinate." Sandra Weeser also found motivating words to continue promoting Baldus' international business, despite all the political uncertainties, and business relationships in countries like Iran. In addition, one of Fabian Baldus' major concerns is that cooperation between Germany and Europe and Russia should be promoted more, especially with regard to the unpredictable US policy. Sandra Weeser also agrees that Europe recognizes their value and shows common strength.