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Baldus Medizintechnik wins German Innovation Award

Timeless elegance combined with superior technology, that's the Baldus Touch.

Baldus Medizintechnik supplies dental practices worldwide with the digital nitrous oxide sedation system Baldus® Touch, making it a pioneer in the dental market for an innovative touchscreen system. And it is precisely for this innovation that the jury of the renowned prize has now presented the "German Innovation Award Winner" for the Baldus® Touch nitrous oxide sedation system in the "Medical Technologies" category, Excellence in Business to Business.

Baldus Medizintechnik is the German specialist for dental nitrous oxide sedation. The company has been dealing with the sedation method for over 15 years. This experience is directly reflected in our own products, their quality and technical details. The Baldus brand has been inspiring the dental world since 2016 with its own premium medical products for nitrous oxide sedation. A Baldus product is always made by people, there is a lot of love and heart and soul in a Baldus product. In addition, Baldus Medizintechnik is united by the ambition to always fight for the best solution. This is how individual products are created that convince with the highest quality and ease of use.

Baldus nitrous oxide sedation is increasingly aimed at the younger target group. They value exclusivity and an individual lifestyle, while at the same time they are characterized by a performance-oriented way of thinking at work. Precisely for this reason, the focus of Baldus development is on design, aesthetics and a certain "boldness". In addition, feedback, suggestions and requests from practice are taken into account in the development process. Customer feedback is thus integrated into the processes as a concrete milestone. In addition, new product ideas are repeatedly presented to customers and potential customers within test phases. The German Innovation Award confirms that Baldus did everything right with its development process. This award is a motivational motor to continue to focus on the pillars of innovation, design, handling and quality.

With the development and market launch of the medical product Baldus Touch (Class IIb) Baldus Medizintechnik heralds a new generation for dental nitrous oxide sedation and at the same time opens a new chapter in the Nitrous oxide story up. Thanks to the intuitively operated touchscreen, the medical staff has new and improved options for controlling and monitoring the patient. The Baldus Touch is characterized by high technology. Baldus guarantees simple patient documentation. The sedation parameters are stored under a patient ID or anonymously and later exported to a USB stick. Other high-tech features, such as automatic discharge with a countdown function, are part of the standard equipment. the Total flow of 18 litres per minute guarantees optimum comfort and effectiveness for every type of patient. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, safety is the focus of further development. A self-test of the software and hardware is carried out each time the machine is switched on. The sedation system works independently of pressure and temperature, so that shorter reaction times ensure greater safety. The O2 flush button is labelled in RED for immediate oxygen supply. Audible and visual information signals ensure that error messages can be quickly recognised and rectified.

The Baldus Touch combines outstanding quality with suitability for everyday use. Not only does he work precisely, it is also exactly what the customer needs. The Baldus Touch meets all modern requirements that a modern practice demands and is guaranteed to be voted the next favorite employee in the practice.

The German Innovation Award recognizes cross-industry products and solutions that differ from previous solutions primarily in terms of user focus and added value. The jury consists of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and finance.

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