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Baldus mask system - the sustainable development Made-in-Germany

Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH has developed a mask system that is fully autoclavable. The Baldus® double nose mask scavenger system is one of the most sustainable innovations on the dental nitrous oxide market with the quality seal "Made-in-Germany". 

Dental nitrous oxide sedation is becoming more and more important because it is a low-risk method of calming down patients. For this reason, the innovation team at Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH was the first German company to develop a safe, efficient and sustainable suction system together with experienced engineers: the fully autoclavable Baldus® double nasal mask scavenger system.

Managing Director Fabian Baldus knows the mask systems available on the market and their weak points. That's why he took on the criticism and suggestions for improvement from dentists, sales, field service and technicians. In cooperation with the technical know-how of experienced engineers, a future-oriented, sustainable and comfortable mask suction system was created. More than 25 innovations and improvements characterize the Baldus mask system. During development, meticulous attention was paid to ensuring that all parts - from the hose system to the outer and inner mask to the connectors – are fully autoclavable.

The environmentally friendly mask system has even more to offer. It has a seamless seal. The cuddly material of the soft, flexible masks ensures a comfortable fit on the face without uncomfortable pressure points for the patient. The excellent fit of the triangular mask also means minimal leakage. the indoor air contamination With N2O-Molecules can be kept absolutely low and the practice team can be protected from inhaling the gas. As a result, the Baldus® double nose mask system offers more comfort for the patient and more safety for the practitioner.

The easily exchangeable and cuddly ones Nasal masks are available for children's noses as well as for adults. The Baldus® double nose mask system is compatible with all nitrous oxide devices available on the market.

“During development, we kept asking ourselves how we could differentiate ourselves from existing mask systems while promoting environmental awareness. Because sustainability and the perception of ecological responsibility are unavoidable topics nowadays,” says Fabian Baldus, Managing Director.

You can get more information about the Baldus mask system here.


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