Baldus Lachgassedierung Touch wins Success Award from Rhineland-Palatinate

We have already received the second award for outstandingly innovative products. After winning the “German Innovation Award” from the German Design Council, our managing director Fabian Baldus had a public ceremony on 24.10.2019 received the "Success 2019" award in Mainz for innovations that have already contributed to the company's clear economic success. The award from the Rhineland-Palatinate State Secretary Daniela Schmitt (FDP) Schmitt took place under the motto: "Advancement through innovation".

We supply dental practices worldwide with the nitrous oxide sedation system "Baldus Touch". We are therefore pioneers for an innovative touchscreen system in the medical technology market. "The state of Rhineland-Palatinate is characterized by its medium-sized economy. The many innovative companies are of particular importance here. New processes, products and services offer unique selling points and are therefore indispensable to survive in international competition, ”says the jury statement from the Rhineland-Palatinate Investment and Structural Bank, which consists of representatives from universities, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the investment and Structure Bank (ISB). We were recognized as one of seven particularly innovative medium-sized companies and received a technology premium of € 5,000 for the development of the first nitrous oxide sedation with a touchscreen, the "Baldus Touch".

“The second award for our products cannot be a coincidence and gives our team great recognition. We have the ambition to always fight for the best solution at the cutting edge. The consistent implementation together with excellent employees pays off! ", Says Managing Director Fabian Baldus and adds:" We are delighted that the Baldus Touch was awarded the Success 2019 technology prize by the ISB. The Baldus brand stands for premium products that impress with the highest quality and ease of use. ”Baldus' development focuses in particular on design, aesthetics and high technology in order to meet customer demands worldwide.

The Baldus Touch is characterized by high technology. The oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer guarantees simple patient documentation. The sedation parameters are saved under a patient ID or anonymously and later exported with a USB stick. Other high-tech features, such as automatic rejection with a countdown function, are part of the standard equipment. The total flow of 18l / min guarantees the best comfort and effect for every patient type. Thanks to the latest technologies, security is the focus of further development. Each time the software and hardware is switched on, it is self-tested. The sedation system works independently of pressure and temperature, so that shorter reaction times ensure greater safety. The O2 flush button is marked in RED for immediate oxygen supply. Acoustic and visual information signals ensure that error messages can be quickly identified and rectified.

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