The analogous nitrous oxide sedation

Baldus® Analog convinces with its robust construction, high-quality materials and easy operation

Baldus Analog starter package nitrous oxide sedation


  • High quality material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Intelligent arrangement of the valve for fresh air intake
  • Tamper-proof
  • Maximum total flow of 15 l / min
  • easy reading of the laughing gas concentration

Plus Delivery, assembly and instruction of the practice team € 300 (within mainland Germany, outside mainland Germany on request

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  • Intelligent arrangement of the valve for fresh air intake
  • Max. Mixing ratio selectable between 50%, 60% or 70% N2O (standard delivery 70%)
  • Automatic adjustment of the output flow (one-button operation)
  • ISO color coding for EU
  • Oxygen flush for immediate oxygen supply - best accessibility due to the attachment on the front of the device in the color “red”
  • Premium security package
  • check valve
  • Rebreathing stop (with empty breathing bag)
  • Connection for O2 demand mask
  • Standard-compliant coding of the gas types
  • US Patented No. 10,065,1590B2

This is included in the package price:

  • "Baldus Analog" nitrous oxide device
  • Baldus double nasal mask scavenger system for adults, consisting of an autoclavable double mask and a complete tube set with connectors
  • Baldus vacuum control block with inline flow measurement
  • Breathing bag 3 liters, latex-free and autoclavable
  • Ultraslim cylinder pressure regulator O2 incl. Med. Fabric hose
  • Ultraslim cylinder pressure regulator N2O incl. Med. Fabric hose
  • All-in-One-Cart Ultra-Slim, fully clad trolley for Baldus Touch or Analog, dimensions: 108 x 38.5 x 29 cm, 25 kg, color: matt white
  • Marketing package: waiting room film, patient flyer, images, medical product book

Additional information

N2O limitation

70%, 50%, 60%

Maximum total flow

15 l / min

Security package



5 year guarantee on conclusion of a maintenance contract

The analog nitrous oxide mixer Baldus Analog fits into every modern practice. Is extremely light and safe to handle. You do not need a power connection for analog nitrous oxide sedation and can sedate completely independently. When developing the analog nitrous oxide device, the focus was on safety and robustness as well as handling.

designed in germany - made in germany!

Here are some of the advantages of our nitrous oxide flow meters: 
The patient is going through a possible total flow of 15l / min. sedated comfortably and always has air to breathe. Important safety features of nitrous oxide sedation include the Nitrolock, which prevents the release of nitrous oxide without oxygen. The integrated warning tone in the event of oxygen failure and the central placement of the O2 flush button for immediate oxygen flooding. These were not all of the safety systems of our sedation, so the nitrous oxide sedation has a connection for an O2 emergency breathing mask that is easily accessible on the side of the nitrous oxide device. There is a non-return valve on the Bag-T, which prevents breathing back into the breathing bag and an emergency opening valve should the breathing bag be breathed completely empty by your patient. This means that your patient always receives a supply of breathing air.

All displays of nitrous oxide sedation can be read quickly and easily by the dentist and his team. Handling with an analog nitrous oxide system has never been as safe and easy as with our analog.

More videos and FAQ can be found here: Baldus sedation / FAQ

  • Made in Germany!
  • Control with one button operation
  • acoustic warning tones in case of O2 deficiency
  • Tamper-proof
  • Nitrous oxide stop in case of oxygen failure
  • Total flow 15l / min.
  • O2 flush button placed in the middle
  • Simply read off the N2O concentration
  • Precise flow meters for easy operation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Limited to 50% max. 70%
  • High quality material
  •  Almost indestructible!
  • 92% stainless steel and aluminum
  • Automatic fresh air supply
  • No power supply
  • Connection for emergency respiratory mask
  • Gas type coding
  • CE and FDA certified

Everything you need to make patients happy with nitrous oxide sedation and earn better money in the process.

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