Autoclavable double nose mask

Autoclavable double nose mask

Autoclavable double nose mask: In today's blog post we will introduce you to the autoclavable double nose masks in more detail. What does autoclave mean?

as autoclavable all substances and objects that can be treated in an autoclave are referred to. Among other things, the material composition, the properties of the components contained and the surface structure are important. The item must withstand heat between 110 and 140 degrees and increased pressure to achieve the goal of eliminating all viruses and bacteria. An autoclave is a pressure vessel that is used for the thermal treatment of substances. This is used to sterilize and disinfect products in medical technology.

There is no 100%igen sterilization state, but this can autoclaving a harmless, risk-free and therefore practically sterile condition can be achieved.

What's at autoclaving to note

Step 1: Preparation

The inner mask must be separated from the outer mask

Step 2: Sterilization in autoclave

An autoclave works on the principle of the steam and pressure cooker. The device is a pressure vessel that can be closed gas-tight and is equipped with a lid that can be closed air-tight. The cells decompose the unwanted microorganisms through increased pressure and heat. The autoclavable inner and outer masks can be autoclaved with the components of the scavenger system, apart from the vacuum control block. The following points must be observed during sterilization:

  • Three vacuum phases
  • Temperature: 134 degrees
  • Holding time: 5 minutes
  • Drying time 20 minutes, storage must be dry and dust-free

It should be noted that frequent reprocessing will impact the mask system. The end of product life is usually determined by wear and tear and damage from use. If severe discoloration or cracks occur, the mask system must be replaced. Slight discoloration is acceptable. The expiry date must be observed.

We recommend a maximum number of reprocessing cycles of 50.

Please all components before use according to the Instructions for use clean, sterilize or disinfect. Note: The mask system is delivered non-sterile

Description of the exterior and inner masks – Autoclavable double nose mask

outer mask: The outer mask encloses the inner mask. The exhaled air of the patient is led outside via the outer mask via the small lumen of the vacuum tube and the suction. A connector can be connected to each of the outer sides, which connects the outer mask to the double hose connects.

inner mask: The inner mask is attached to the outer mask by means of small round barbs on the two sides. For better orientation, both masks are marked "L" (left) and "R" (right). The patient breathes the oxygenNitrous oxide-Mixture and it opens an oval membrane made of silicone. The gas mixture is thus fed into the outer mask.

Important before each treatment: Checking the membrane. Before each treatment, check that the membrane is correctly positioned on the inner mask. If this is not the case, it must be ensured that the membrane is properly seated before starting the treatment. If it is missing, however, a new one must be used, otherwise none can Sedation be performed. The autoclavable masks are available as a double nose mask and single piece for inner and outer mask

How do I assemble the Autoclavable Double Nasal Masks?


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Autoclavable double nose mask - the advantages

The primary benefit of autoclavable dual nasal masks is reuse. The autoclaving process eliminates all viruses and bacteria. This makes it possible to use the mask system several times and for many patients. The high accuracy of fit, the soft material and the special design of the masks enable the practitioners to have a better view and, accordingly, to work comfortably.

The masks are made of translucent silicone and are available in children's and adult sizes. Baldus Sedition offers dental practices the opportunity to buy individual pieces of the outer and inner mask in order to be prepared for any damage that may occur.

The Baldus Scavenger System - Purpose

That Baldus® double mask system was developed to the indoor air pollution through Nitrous oxide reduce and protect staff. The oxygen-nitrous oxide mixture is fed into the patient's inner mask via the spiral hose and the patient breathes in the gas mixture. When you exhale, a membrane opens and the gas is vented through the outer mask and vacuum hose.

Because the patient's breathing is decoupled from the suction, he gets more comfortable air. Thanks to the perfect fit and the soft material, the mask adapts to every face shape.

The autoclavable Baldus double nose mask is suitable for the following scavenger systems:

  • Baldus
  • porter
  • Accutron
  • other systems on request

Job security factor

One of the most important factors when buying one nitrous oxide sedation system is choosing the right mask system. Because only with a perfectly fitting nose mask and an efficient suction system can compliance with the guidelines according to TRGS-900 regarding the indoor air contamination be guaranteed. In addition, effective work is made possible. The TRGS-900 states that in Germany the limit values of 100 PPM (parts per million) may only be exceeded for a very short period of time during nitrous oxide treatment. With good ventilation and patient compliance can be up to 8 hours using the Nitrous oxide sedation to be worked. More hygiene, comfort and safety

Our product range also includes the Baldus disposable double nose masks with fragrance.

Disposable double nose masks with scent

Thanks to their perfect fit, the Baldus disposable double nose masks with scent guarantee greater wearing comfort, less room air contamination and, thanks to their flat shape, offer more space for the dentist to work. Thanks to the soft, supple inner mask and the transparent outer mask, which sits closer to the face, the patient's breathing is controlled and offers additional safety for the practitioner. Particularly unique: the Baldus sedation disposable double nose masks also fit all other nitrous oxide systems

Note the distinction between the double nose masks with scent, single use, and the autoclavable inner and outer masks. Masks that are scented are not allowed in the autoclave, these are marked. the Disposable double nose masks are available in 6 different scents.

You have any questions to this topic? Would you like to go into more detail Nitrous oxide sedation be informed? Our Baldus experts look forward to yours contact! Our experts are also at your disposal in our chat. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram

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