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2nd German Laughing Gas Congress on June 11, 2022 in Koblenz

It's that time again!

The invites with great anticipation N2O-Academy for the 2nd German Nitrous oxide-Congress on June 11, 2022 in Koblenz. The sharp increase in the use of Nitrous oxide in the dental field and the increase in the associated interest in the positive properties can be felt worldwide. Baldus Sedation offers users, interested parties and your entire team a platform to learn about the topic Nitrous oxide sedation exchange information and further education. Speakers from different medical fields such as paediatric dentistry and maxillofacial surgery will report on their personal experiences, the mode of action and the advantages that sedative dentistry brings to dental treatment. Why nitrous oxide is a huge benefit for the dentist and his patients and what great advantages you can gain from the use of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide sedation during your treatments - you will learn all this during our dental training. at a liveSedation the procedure and handling of our devices will be demonstrated. Whether you are a beginner, a refresher or a nitrous oxide professional, you are cordially invited to take part in the exciting programme and many informative discussions.

Unique evening event

After the information session, we will end the evening together with you on a boat tour into the Koblenz sunset. A beautiful view of the castles and palaces along the Rhine, first-class BBQ and a glass of wine from the region invite you to relax and enjoy with Rhine romance. With good entertainment through music and live entertainment, we celebrate the success of the laughing gas sedation together.

Impressions from the 1st German Laughing Gas Congress 2019

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