Dental nitrous oxide sedation

Relaxation for dentists and patients

Nitrous oxide sedation at the dentist:
Thats how it works.

You hear about it more and more often Nitrous oxide sedation at the dentist visit. But what exactly is it all about?

the Nitrous oxide sedation is a gentle type of anesthetic that has been used since the 19th century and temporarily alleviates the functions of the central nervous system. How to resolve fears retching reduced and general well-being increased. The best conditions for relaxed dental treatment.


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Our performance promise:
Doctor service...we love that

It's a good feeling when you have competence and reliability on your side. And you can help Baldus sedation counting. Because we are a team of professionals. Everyone here knows what they are doing and why they are doing it. In other words: We work hand in hand and are happy to put our knowledge and experience at your service. With personal commitment and the right amount of down-to-earthness.

It goes without saying that we are there for you flexibly. In the event of problems, we act directly and will certainly help you further. We are happy to visit you on site, because we live it personal partnership with our customers. But don't worry, our medical product consultants won't waste your time, but create perspectives that will help you progress.

IN SHORT: We offer you everything you need to get started with the Nitrous oxide sedation make more patients happy. And to make better money at the same time. We do them Nitrous oxide sedation successful in your practice.

TOP advice

Service advice Baldus sedation

Our team of experts is always at your disposal 

Personal certification

Personal certification

In our academy you will learn how to use Nitrous oxide sedation

Best maintenance

Service and maintenance Baldus sedation

We take care of your concerns, quickly and competently

Delivery with gas

Thanks to our wholesale license for medical gases

Nitrous oxide devices - Our systems for
Nitrous oxide sedation in your practice

With the Nitrous oxide sedations systems from Baldus Sedation take comfort in your practice to a new level.

Both of our systems are compact and easy to use, so they provide perfect support in everyday work. And we take care of everything around it with our Baldus service.

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Baldus Slim Analogue

Baldus Analog

Baldu's Slim Touch

Baldus Touch

Nitrous oxide sedation - advantages as a dentist

Nitrous oxide sedation - advantages as a patient

With our n2o academy to
Nitrous Oxide Experts

certification for dentists:
With Baldus according to IBD guidelines

That Council of European Dentistss (CED) represents over 330,000 dentists across Europe and promotes the highest standards in dentistry and dental care. And that with regard to current and future challenges, which also include a relaxed approach to the pain and fears of patients.

Against this background, the policy on handling Nitrous oxide as Sedations method developed, which, among other things, includes comprehensive training and certification the user provides. In the Baldus N2O Academy we offer you this advanced training in order to acquire the corresponding theoretical, practical and clinical knowledge.

Our guide blog for nitrous oxide sedation


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The Baldus Hero Story

The heroic story of our company begins in 1993 with the founding of Baldus Medizintechnik GmbH.

In this comic video we show you which milestones the Baldus team has mastered afterwards and where we are today. Have fun watching!

You can count on us: Personal
Support at Baluds

When you work with Baldus Sedation, you can always rely on one thing: the best care from our team. As a family business, we know that reliability is a core aspect of good cooperation.

We are also happy to go the extra mile for your request and ensure that your request is processed quickly and smoothly in close personal coordination. We give you our word on that.

Fabian Baldus & the Baldus Sedation team

Fabian Baldus - Personal care at Baldus Sedationa
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