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Baldus Sedation – New Product Launch and Mask Production

The Baldus Nasal Mask Production

We are excited to share with you more information about our New Baldus Sedation Product Launch and the machine that we recently purchased to help meet the demand for our new nasal hoods.  Every day, our hard working Baldus mask team is working with the new machine to pack and seal as many of our new disposable nasal hoods as possible.  The current hot temperatures are making their efforts even more challenging.  To make the most of the cooler temperatures in the morning hours, the team starts even earlier to meet the ongoing demand for the new nasal hoods.  We are happy to have such a great team dedicated to our nasal hood production here in Bendorf.

Baldus New Product Launch – The Story Behind It

Baldus Sedation saw the need to develop a single-use disposable scented double nasal hood.  The worldwide Covid crisis has made us realize we need to provide an even better protection to patients.  We did not need to look very far to get the inspiration for our new product.  We took the popular Baldus autoclavable hybrid scented double nasal hoods, and created them to be single use.  By doing so we have created a greater peace of mind for your patients as well as providing a yet even higher hygiene standard for your practice. It saves time, and is great fun for your practice when combined with the great Baldus Nitrous Oxide Marketing Concepts we offer.  Make marketing the use of nitrous oxide in your practice fun and easy!

Characteristics of the New Single-Use Disposable Scented Nasal Hood

Double Nasal Mask

Product Range – Single Use Disposable Scented Nasal Hoods

Our nasal hoods come in a variety of scents and sizes, and are not only for children. All the popular scents like for example Blueberry Dance, Strawberry Delight, Happy Apple, Chilla Vanilla, Bouncy Bubble as well as in the non-scented version Pure Ghost are all available as a single-use disposable double mask in adult and pedo size and can be purchased in a lovely printed carton box of 12.

Our scented single-use double nasal hoods are available and ready to order now! What scent do you like best?  Just give them a try!

Baldus Sedation Double Nasal Hoods

Are you interested and would like to learn more about our new product or our wide variety of other great products?

Then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us- we look forward to hearing from you.

Your BALDUS family